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August 13th, 2014


Don’t go blonde, and don’t suddenly forget the password to your blog. You won’t be able to log in. Noted.

I have wrinkles. I didn’t before and now I do. Suddenly. A couple of days ago I was cleaning the kitchen and picked up the waffle iron. While I was moving it, I glanced at my reflection and noticed them: wrinkles around my eyes. Later I double checked with a mirror, still there. Age happens slowly and yet all at once.

I have two toddlers; two little people who both want to be in charge. There are a lot of fits, tears, crumbs on the floor, late nights, wee mornings. Going anywhere seems like a major production. And yet, in the calm moments that always come and they’re playing, giggling, reading and singing to each other, I just want to freeze them. Don’t grow, please don’t grow. I dread the days when my hands will be empty of the little fingers tugging me on.

Earlier this week Lilly insisted that I watch “Rozen” with her. I sat with her curled up on my lap with her fingers in her hair. Don’t grow, please don’t grow. Can’t she always fit perfectly nestled in my lap?

At bedtime, again she’s cuddled in my lap with her fingers in her hair. I feel her body relax as she falls asleep. I feel her breath on my face. Don’t grow, please don’t grow.

I listen to endless stories of dragons, planes, fires, vehicles and superheroes. David’s always excited about something, and always has something to share. To say. Don’t grow, please don’t grow.

David called to me with a whisper from his bed as I walked out of their room. I knelt by his bed, “Don’t leave yet, you didn’t kiss me goodnight!” Don’t grow, please don’t grow.

David played with Legos for the first time over the weekend. Hours and hours of playing, building, demolishing and staging. It was the beginning of a new chapter for him as he goes from toddler to kid. So fun to watch, and yet, so hard to accept. Don’t grow, please don’t grow.

I know there are so many fun, important things to look forward to. It’s so rewarding to see their faces as they discover something new and exciting to them. When they learn new things and go new places. I know growing up is literally the point of life, but can’t it take a little longer?

August 14th, 2013

a day in the life on a monday

6:40am Wake up to smoke detector beeping and listen to it for 15 minutes before finally getting tired of it and going downstairs and finding a new battery

7:00 Snuggle back in bed and read emails (all junk ads) and the news

7:35 Joined by David for more snuggles. Wake up Lilly and go downstairs. Unload dishes, eat breakfast, make lunch for Matt, send Matt off, get kids dressed, start some laundry

9:00 Clean kitchen and load dishes, watch the kids play in an old box, write a blog post, write emails, pay bills (yuck), switch laundry

11:30 Snack time and bubbles

12:00 Put Lilly down for a nap

1:10 Lunch with David (PB&J and fresh fruit & yogurt parfaits)

1:40 Start a movie for David, fold two loads of laundry (no matter how many times I watch the YouTube videos I can’t fold a fitted sheet to save my life), vacuum the carpet, clean the bedrooms, read a book, browse Pinterest

3:00 Play trains with David, post a picture on Facebook, eat homemade popsicles on front step, catch a grasshopper, let grasshopper hop away (David calls them “grass POPPERS” because they “pop” out of the grass), feed Lilly lunch/snack


4:20 Take kids to a park to walk explore (David finds a walking stick to whack things with–ouch), pick up some milk, ice cream and special surprises for anniversary next week

6:30 Eat dinner, have family night, play games, clean up toys

7:30 Bedtime routine, put kids in bed (Hallelujah chorus)

8:00 Start an episode of Doctor Who with Matt

8:45 David gets up, Matt goes to be the parent and I load the dishes

9:15 Finish Doctor Who and talk to Matt about life, houses, kids

10:35(ish) Go upstairs to get ready for bed

August 12th, 2013

say cheese!

Clear back in April (I know, I know forever ago, sigh) I was trying to unpack after we moved, and David was getting into everything and driving me nuts. I found an old camera, popped some batteries in, and told him to take pictures of his favorite things. He took a lot of pictures of his fingers, but he also took some cute ones. It’s fun to see things from his perspective.

David's pics

August 8th, 2013

dinosaur sickness

A few months ago I checked out a special take-home dinosaur theme bag from the library. David loves dinosaurs, and we were so excited to enjoy all the dinosaur goodness. The bag had a T-Rex puppet and a dinosaur book called T is for Terrible. And it was terrible. From the time we opened the bag until I took it back to the library, all we knew was sickness.

terrible no good sickness bag

First of all, the book really was awful. The basic plot was the T-Rex saying that he couldn’t help it if it was terrible because that’s just the way he was because he was a dinosaur–not a positive message for kids at all.

As soon as a hand went into the little dinosaur puppet, sickness fell. The first night David got up at 2 or 3 in the morning with the stomach flu, which lasted a few days. Then Matt got sick with a stomach/digestive combination for a few days. About the time it looked like all that was over, Lilly woke up with large welts/bumps/pox/bites on her arms. I took her to the doctor after they were there a few days, and he had no information for us whatsoever. We still don’t know what they were for sure.


One thing is sure though, we aren’t checking out any more specialty theme bags.

August 3rd, 2013

road trippin

In June we drove all the way to Seattle and visited our favorite friends the Davises, and then continued up to Whidbey Island for Matt’s family reunion to celebrate his grandma’s 90th birthday. We had the most wonderful time (okay, except Lilly who was teething and hating being around strangers). I could bore you with lots of words describing everything we did, or I could just share some of our pictures.

together time

May 21st, 2013

for the love


I know it’s almost cliche, but they grow up too fast!

Miss Lilly

Five things I’m loving about Lilly:

  1. She’s *almost* walking! She stands up and takes several steps a day, any day now she’ll just keep going and we’ll have another TODDLER.
  2. How she’s growing and blossoming all at once. Lilly interacts with us in a whole new way now; grabbing our hands to make us do something, raising cups to my lips to make me drink, holding my phone by my head and using the buttons, etc. If her hairbow falls out of her hair, she picks it up and tries to put it back in her hair. When she wants a kiss, she moves my face to give me one. Lilly makes the most hilarious facial expressions; we always know how she feels.
  3. The way she plays with my hair and wraps her arm around my neck when she eats. Lilly is so cuddly! She loves to rub soft blankets next to her face and give be hugs to stuffed animals. She likes to pull the throw pillows off the couch and lays on them on the floor.
  4. When she initiates a game of “peek-a-boo” with me. It’s so stinking cute!
  5. The way she gets excited to see David after a long separation (like an hour long nap). A few nights ago, Lilly crawled over to David and leaned in and gave him a big wet kiss. Pretty much the sweetest moment to ever happen.

 Mr D

Five things I’m loving about David:

  1. His talking! Seriously, he’s off the charts with his vocabulary, problem solving, memory, etc. It’s just nuts. I love that I can just talk to him–so much so that I often have to remind myself that he’s still only two and not much older. A couple weeks ago I found a ceramic decorative bird at TJ Maxx. David quickly adopted it, named it “Hypothesis,” and carried it around with him for the following week.
  2. David has been singing like crazy lately. And dancing. And drumming. And making instruments (he lined up some colored pencils and pretended they made a xylophone). His favorite songs are the alphabet, Twinkle Twinkle, I Am a Child of God, and “Dinosaur Train” (really, just the words Dinosaur and train sung over and over again while he bounces his foot like a mini Elvis).
  3. His sweetness. David is the sweetest kid there ever was. Since he was born, it’s usually the first or second thing people say about him–that he’s sweet (and then a comment on his blue eyes). Today while Lilly was napping, David and I just cuddled under a blanket and giggled and played.
  4. He goes to the bathroom completely on his own! He won’t even tell me he needs to go or make me come with him, he just gets up and goes into the bathroom. It’s SO nice to have him be independent. We still have to remind him sometimes, but for a majority of the day he goes all on his own.
  5. David is so helpful! He’ll bring me diapers for Lilly, throw things away, get his shoes, etc. By the end of the summer, I’m hoping he does shoes and the buckles on his car seat all on his own. We’re almost there with shoes already (or we were until I got him new ones).
March 3rd, 2013

ten things going on now

one Lilly is pulling herself up to stand pretty much everywhere these days. Her favorite perch is the toilet.


two I’ve been hoarding pictures on my phone. I NEED to post some. I have over 1,000 pictures on my phone and 55 videos. Lots of cute things happen, are photographed and that’s all the farther I get. Shame on me.


three Lilly is growing her first TWO teeth. I’m so excited about it! No really, I am. For a while I was starting to wonder if she’d still be toothless at her senior prom.


four David is a talking MACHINE. It’s constant. His funny thing this week: There is a baby Elmo illustration on the diaper box we recently got. David keeps telling me that it’s a “mammal wearing glasses.” I get such a kick out of it. Oh, and a week or so ago I was telling him about something I was working on, and he walks over to me and puts his hands on my cheeks and says, “Mommy, what are you talking about?”


five Up until this week, I’ve been a sewing machine. I need to post about my projects. I estimate that I completed over 20 projects in 2012, and I’m well on my way to surpassing that for 2013 (8 completed, and many more I’m eager to do).


six David is our junior paleontologist. He is obsessed with dinosaurs. He knows their names, what they eat, etc. As a result, I’ve been learning a lot too.


seven Lilly will lean on empty boxes and the legs of her high chair to walk for short periods of time.


eight David sings the alphabet all the way through all by himself. I’m not even going to beat around the bush: I’m super proud.


nine Going on right this second: Lilly really needs a nap.


ten Things developed kind of quickly and unexpectedly, but we find ourselves moving to a townhouse April 5. That’s 33 days away (I asked the internet). We’re really excited and I’ll write much more on it later.

I’ll leave you with one of the pictures I’ve been hoarding. Okay, two.


January 25th, 2013


Some of the little moments that make me smile.

The week before Christmas I was in the kitchen doing dishes while David and Lilly ‘played’ in the front room. Lilly started fussing out of tiredness and boredom, so David went over and laid down by her. Soon I was overhearing him explain to her that monsters and dinosaurs are only on TV (a similar explanation that I gave David not too long ago …). I thought it was sweet and funny that he thought she was crying because she was scared of monsters.

One night while getting ready for bed David was throwing a mega fit because we told him he couldn’t read more books because it was time for bed. I went in his room and pulled him onto my lap, and explained that he was crying because his body was saying he was tired and needed to go to sleep. We talked about it for a little bit, and then he suddenly sits up and thinks for a minute. Then he tells me with his little finger in front of his face, “My body says I need to read ONE more book!” Well played, buddy. Well played.

David found a box of “Mom’s” granola bars and really wanted one, it was lunchtime so I told him if he was hungry we needed to go make lunch. He asked for “one Mom’s ‘nola bars?” and I again told him that he couldn’t have “one” of Mom’s granola bars because we were going to eat lunch. He beamed at me and said, “Okay, TWO Mom’s ‘nola bars?” He does the same thing with books and movies, etc; ask for “one” more, when we say no, he’ll ask for TWO more. Silly kid.

David has learned the word “yet” but doesn’t use it right. One of his favorite uses: “It’s too late to go to bed yet!”

[Side note: One of our neighbors is singing at the TOP of his lungs. I can't tell where it's coming from ... it's very distracting ...]

David has started kissing his own boo-boos better. It’s pretty cute, people.

When David helps us say prayers, he’s started to throw his own things in too. Soon he’ll be saying prayers without any prompts at all. He likes to be thankful for Lilly, trains, “cereal time,” and outside.

I LOVE that they love each other.

January 18th, 2013


David’s favorite …

Number: Two

Color: Red

Toy: Dinosaurs and trains

Book: Right now, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Movies: Cars, The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Tangled, Ice Age 3 (ugh, I wish he didn’t love it as much as he does)

TV Show: Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine 

Game: “Mr. Pig” (He goes into his room and closes his door, we come knock on it and say, “Mr. Pig, Mr. Pig let me in.” He opens the door and giggles uncontrollably, then closes it and we do it again. And again. And again.)

Song: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Animal: Monkey (because of Curious George), puppies

Food: Muffins, triangle toast (bread cut diagonally), noodles, mini marshmallows … Okay, this list is endless, he loves food

Lilly’s favorite …

Color: Shiny

Toy: Giant stuffed gorilla, bottle with beans in it, whatever David is playing with

Movie: Tangled (okay, she only likes the music)

Game: Peek-a-Boo

Song: Curious George theme song

Animal: Any animal she comes in contact with, David

Food: Banana puffs (after breast milk, of course)

October 11th, 2012

the 411 on potty training

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert and I’m not claiming to be one. I’ve never potty trained a child before, I’m just writing down what we’ve done and what we’re having success with on this new adventure so I can remember for next time. I won’t make any wild promises to others who read this; this is simply what I’ve done for those who are curious and have questions.

I read a few blog posts found via Pinterest about “potty training a child in one day.” While these posts contained helpful tips and advice, I ultimately decided that this wasn’t the right choice for David and me. I think trying to make a toddler make all the connections needed for potty training success in one day is a bit extreme, and you’re both just going to get burned out and frustrated by the end of the day. My method is slow and steady.

I approached potty training in three phases. Phase One: creating interest, Phase Two: active training, Phase Three: reinforcement.

Phase One

After David started showing a lot of the signs of being ready to be potty trained (telling me when his diaper was wet/poopy, becoming regular, etc), I started flushing his poop in the toilet. My hope with this was to show him what we use the toilet for and help get him excited and interested. We’d run to the bathroom and I’d dump his poop in the toilet and have him flush it. If he flushed his poop in the toilet he got an M&M candy. We did this for a couple weeks while we waited to see other signs of him being ready (staying dry for a couple hours at a time, including naps, etc). During this same time I made a big deal whenever I needed to go to the bathroom: “Mommy has use the toilet!” and run off to the bathroom. If he came into the bathroom while I was going, I’d tell him that Mommy uses the toilet because Mommy doesn’t wear diapers.

I took him to the store and helped him pick out a potty seat that sits on top of the regular toilet seat.* For an entire month I had him sit on the toilet once a day. I just had him sit; no expectation or pressure for him to go. At first he was a little timid and didn’t want to sit there. I’d smile and encourage him and tell him what a big boy he was. I’d have him sit for one song (Twinkle Twinkle, Popcorn Popping, etc) and then help him down telling him how proud I was of him for sitting on the toilet. Every time he sat on the toilet he got a smiley face sticker and an M&M.

By the end of the month, sitting on the toilet wasn’t scary for him anymore. I took him to the store and he picked out ‘big boy’ underwear. With some encouragement and the help of increased fluids and sitting longer than usual on the toilet, David went potty in the toilet. I made a HUGE deal about it and we called important people to tell them the big news (Daddy, Nana and Papa, etc). For going potty on the toilet he got a Cars sticker and a couple M&Ms. I encouraged him to try again the next day with success.

Phase Two

Since we have Lilly who needs attention too, I didn’t want to actively potty train David until there was a down week when there wasn’t a lot going on and I didn’t have to be anywhere and when I could get Matt’s help the first couple of days. For us, this time was immediately after his initial success of going potty in the toilet. Success is motivating, for both parent and child, so we were all excited to start.

After David got up in the morning we changed his diaper and put him in a pair of his ‘big boy’ underwear and explained that he’s a big boy and doesn’t wear diapers anymore and needs to go to potty in the toilet. I increased his fluids (gave him some Gatorade in his sippy) to increase our chances of having more success right off the bat to keep him motivated. I had him play with his toys on a cheap plastic tablecloth (in case of an accident so it wasn’t on our carpet). The first morning we had a few accidents in a row, naturally. He’d get wet and look at us concerned and we’d run him to the bathroom and sit him on the toilet. If he went, he got a Car sticker and M&Ms. After lunch we didn’t have any accidents until the evening when he got tired, Matt left, and I had to feed Lilly.

On day two he had one tiny leak in the morning before running to the bathroom and another accident in the evening. Seeing the pattern, on the third day I made sure he was on the toilet during the times he had accidents previous days: success, no accidents.

The key is to stay overly excited and encouraging and to go “try” when you think they need to go. I don’t always wait for David to tell me when he needs to go; in the afternoon he likes to play with his toys and “hold” it for as long as he possibly can. When it’s been a while since he’s gone and I can tell he’s starting to get uncomfortable, I have him sit on the toilet and sing songs until he goes. For some kids, distraction helps them relax and go. For David, he does better when I leave the bathroom briefly to get a drink, check on Lilly, etc. When David was listening, I’d tell Lilly what a big boy David was being and tell her that David didn’t wear diapers anymore. It seems silly, but it really helped David stay proud of himself.

Right before bed, we put David in a diaper. I didn’t want to buy pull-ups when we still had a few diapers left. In the five mornings we’ve been potty training, David has woken up dry three so I think in another week we may not even need diapers.

Phase Three

(We’re currently in this phase.) After several days of little or no accidents, he got a little less interested and started getting lazy. We busted out sparkly Cars stickers, stayed excited, and had him make more phone calls to share his success. After several accident-free days, it’s time to make some short outings to practice being away from home and build confidence. We got a foldable potty seat to use in public restrooms to make them less scary. I’ll let you know how it goes.

* The decision to use a potty seat that goes on a regular toilet instead of a toddler-size potty was personal preference (space saving) and in hopes of him not being timid of public restrooms when we leave home.