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July 31st, 2009

my junior whopper

A little over a month ago, Matt and I stopped at Burger King on our way out of town for a quick bite to eat. I ordered a Jr. Whopper and requested it to be cut in half (I going through a cut-in-half stage). We get our food and hit the road. I unwrap my whopper to find that they cut it in half after it was wrapped and then wrapped it again! I found/find this hilarious. I realize that they are a “fast” food chain and didn’t want to take the time to unwrap, cut, wrap again–but cutting it through the paper and wrapping it again is something I just wouldn’t do.

Jr. Whopper

July 30th, 2009

this week: jonah’s debut

We moved into our apartment a year ago this week. I can’t believe a year has already come and gone! Also our new fish, Jonah, has endured a week with us. He seems about as happy as a fish can be. He’s also pretty lively and camera shy, which makes it hard to take his picture.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a new hobby. Well, a hobby at all. I don’t really consider reading much of a hobby. Sewing has never really interested me very much, until Sunday. On Sunday we were invited over to AJ and Anne’s apartment. Matt dominated the world (playing Risk) and Anne showed me all of her sewing projects. I came home filled with sewing fantasies of table cloths, totes, and duvet covers. I’m planning on going back over to see Anne to look at patterns for my first project, then we’ll see how much of a hobby this becomes.

July 25th, 2009

a quick word lesson

While I was writing my earlier post, I wondered if “googled” was a word or not. I know (from my bowling class) that google has been used since the early 1900′s to describe the way a ball is bowled, but I wanted to know if “Googled” had become a recognized word in relation to the search engine. I am proud to report that “Google” is now a verb (two technically). According to the Oxford English Dictionary (my favorite reference book and the definitive record of the English language) “Google” became a commonly used intransitive verb (don’t worry about it) in 1999 and a transitive verb (the way I used it) in 2000. If I worked for Google, I’d be proud.

Since I was searching the OED anyway, I looked up “wonky;” a word I’ve always wondered about.When I was in high school my friends and I started using “wonky” thinking it was a cool new word. I was shocked to read that “wonky” has been a common word since 1919 and merely regained popularity in 2003.  The first recorded use of “wonky” meant studious or nerdy – not the way we use it now. Since 1978 “wonky” has been used the way we use it now. My head shakes. We thought we were so cool. Though, I think the OED might be updating the meaning yet again when they reach the w’s (they were still in the beginning of “re” words in June, so it might be a while).

July 25th, 2009

first things first: the twinkies

I was reading a blog one afternoon and wandered over to the comments. A movie line was quoted and a contest started: whoever could name the movie the quote came from won a box of Twinkies. A week went by and I was reading the blog again and noticed that no one had guessed the right movie yet. I Googled the line and The Burbs (a movie I had never heard of) came up, which I promptly posted as a comment. About a week later I received a box of Twinkies from a stranger living in Sugar Land, Texas (my favorite part). Thank you Google. I thought to myself, “If I had a blog, I would blog about this,” starting a series of “if I had a blog” thoughts. Proudly, almost a year later, I’m blogging about it.


About the Twinkies.  As a child, Twinkies were not the snack of choice given to me by my mother, so I only had them at friends’ houses. I loved them. As an adult, I was very excited to get such a fun snack in the mail, however, after the box was empty I didn’t rush to the store to get more. In fact, I haven’t had a Twinkie since and that’s okay–they were better when I was younger.