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August 6th, 2009

a pathetic realization

Matt does 99.99% of the driving (no, I’m not exaggerating). Today while I was running a few errands around town, I made a list of how pathetic I’ve become in regard to driving (I like lists):

  • I have no idea how to turn on or off the radio in our car. I stared and stared at the buttons and even pushed several (sorry Matt if I messed it up) and it never turned on and now there’s a little number five that I can’t make go away.
  • I have no idea how to use the “cruise control” function. I tried to figure it out while driving and only accomplished getting frustrating looks from the cars around me.
  • I have only driven through a drive-through twice…ever. I rarely ate fastfood in high school (since that’s the last time I did any significant driving) and if I did, I just went inside. If I’m alone, I still just go inside. I would rather park and go stand in a line inside than go through the drive-through.
  • In the two years Matt and I have been married, I have only filled our car with gas twice. That’s just sad. I remember both of these times very vividly A) because the second time wasn’t too long ago B) because both times I realized after I had pulled up to the pump, that the pump was on the wrong side of the car.
  • Oh, and I can’t park. I understand the concept of driving between the lines, but parking the car between them is a skill I just don’t have. Parking was barely brushed over in my driver’s ed class and driver’s test, the result being me parking right on one line or the other, not between. I try, I really try.

Those are just the things that I am willing to publish on the Internet, the rest of the list is too embarrassing to share.

August 5th, 2009

two weeks with jonah

We’ve had Jonah for two weeks now, and this is what I’ve learned:

  • Jonah is intelligent and can see color (he knows when I’m going to feed him and gets very excited when he sees the yellow food container)
  • He either likes Matt a lot or dislikes him a lot (he freaks out when he sees Matt)
  • We may have given him a paranoia complex by naming him “Jonah” (he swims around his bowl very cautiously and will sometimes stop and make his fins all big for no apparent reason)
  • He likes his bubbles (he blows bubbles on the surface of the water and then protects them)
  • He likes to watch me do things (he stays on whichever side of the bowl I’m on, unless he sees Matt of course)
  • He’s not afraid of me putting my hand in the water with him, doesn’t seem to notice at all actually
  • He likes to pretend he’s hunting his food (he’ll sneak up on it and then suddenly snatch from the top of the water like a ferocious shark)

He had quite the bubble collection that he protected on one side of his bowl, but for whatever reason he stopped blowing bubbles and protecting them so fiercely and now he doesn’t have any. Naturally, I’m concerned. Bubble blowing and protecting were big parts of Jonah’s day (and mine) and now there aren’t any bubbles on the surface of the water. Maybe he got bored with the bubbles. I gave him fresh water today, maybe that will inspire him to make more bubbles. I liked his bubbles.

August 5th, 2009

sewing hobby commenced

I went to the store last Wednesday to pick out fabric for my first sewing project. Two hours later, I had selected my fabric and was ready to get started. There was way too much fabric to choose from! I had to call my all-knowing mother-in-law to get a crash course in selecting coordinating patterns and colors (while sitting on the floor surrounded by fabric). Next time I go fabric shopping, I’m going with a better idea of what I want so I’m not so overwhelmed. Lesson learned.


I wanted to start with something small, so I decided to make a “toiletry bag.” I called Anne and we set up a sewing date to start my bag. On Monday I went over to Anne’s apartment and I told her what I was thinking for the bag. She looked up a few other patterns and then sat down and drew up a simple pattern (I am so lucky I had her help). I spent all day with Anne sewing my bag (Anne made a skirt), watching some TV, talking, and even had a little adventure for lunch.

The bag isn’t perfect, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Now that I’ve made this one, if I made another there are a few small things I would do differently, but that is knowledge for future projects. My favorite part: the zipper works! Without further ado, my finished bag:

bag exterior

bag interior

I’m so pleased with myself! It’s the perfect size for all my makeup. My next project? A smaller bag for my makeup brushes; heaven forbid they not have their own bag (I like things separated: food on a plate, makeup from makeup brushes). Or maybe I’ll make an apron with pockets and ruffles.