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September 17th, 2009

I just might cry

I’m gushing, absolutely gushing.

This Saturday Lois Lowry is coming to campus to be the keynote speaker in our annual Literature Conference. My heart beats a little faster as I type this. Registration is $30 for students; $30 to spend a day and listen to one of my favorite authors of all time. I usually don’t get all caught up in pestering authors to sign books and such, it seems almost juvenile, but I’m having Lois Lowry sign my book. She’s in her 70s, I may not get the chance again. I want to shake the hand of a master of language and literature.

It gets better.

I received an email inviting me, as an English major, to a private reading tomorrow night with Lois Lowry. I couldn’t be happier. A bonus hour and a half with this incredible writer just because I chose to be an English major.

It gets even better.

I’ve been invited to attend a class that she will teach tomorrow. It’s not even open to all English majors, it’s just a class and I’m going. I don’t know what she’s planning to teach, but it’ll be brilliant.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting one of my heroes.

September 17th, 2009

crunch time

We just started yet another semester of school and it’s been crazy busy; the busiest semester we’ve had by far. So far, I LOVE my classes. I can’t even put into words how much I love my professors and their enthusiasm for the subjects they teach (mostly English and literature).

It’s been a week of the new semester, this is what’s happened thus far:

  • I bought 32 books from the bookstore, more books than most college students read their entire college career and certainly more books than some people manage to read in their lifetime. I hope to read several thousand before all is said and done.*
  • I learned that Jonah blows bubbles when he’s ready to mate (I didn’t learn this at school actually, but I did recently learn this). I feel so bad for the little guy, he has no one to mate with and he’s going through all this trouble blowing cute little bubbles for her anyway.
  • I took an editing pre-assessment in my editing class. When I received my pre-assessment back from my professor, he had written a note on it saying that I scored significantly higher than many of my classmates and that I might get a little bored during the semester. I did not receive a perfect score, it’s not good enough. I want to go into editing and I’m not settling for anything less than perfection – even if I scored higher than my peers.
  • After being on campus for almost four years, I thought I had been on every floor in every building (including the roof and basement of the Romney building). I was wrong. This semester I have a class on the fourth floor of the Smith building. I have never been on the fourth floor before. It smells on the fourth floor. I have taken most of my English classes in the Smith building, but the fourth floor is dedicated to computer people and it smells. Now I’m wondering where else I haven’t been.
  • I got a job as a head model for the Art Department. They haven’t called me yet, but I’m a model when they need one. A good resume builder right there.

*It occurred to me sometime over the summer that if a person reads about 3 books a month (which is a lot more than most do) until they die, they will only read 2,124 books in their lifetime (assuming they begin reading 3 books a month at 21 and they live to be 80). I know this seems like a decent amount, but it depresses me. Consider this: over 172,000 books were published in the United States alone in 2008 (according to a division of the United Nations, because they keep track). I will never be able to read even a small fraction of how many books are published in one year, let alone in the 80 or so years of my life, books from other countries and books published in all the years before my life began. Sad times. Are there books in Heaven?