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September 24th, 2009

I feel rich

Every semester the bookstore has a “Textbook Loyalty Party.” I’ve gone in the past, but nothing very exciting has ever happened.

Matt and I went to the party today, hoping to be selected for a shopping competition, where each participant would be given $100 to spend at the bookstore. We were really bummed when neither of us were selected to participate.

We each made sure to put a ticket in the pot for drawings throughout the day. We were bummed when we weren’t drawn for the iPod Touch or for the first round of cash. They were having a drawing for textbook cash, if your ticket was drawn they would┬áreimburse you for all the money you spent on textbooks at the bookstore. I, of course, badly wanted to win because of all the books I bought at the bookstore this semester.

We stood there staring at our tickets, waiting to hear our numbers called. Number after number was called but not ours. During a little break, I asked Matt if I could have his ticket if  it was called (he only bought one book, compared to my 32). He handed me his ticket: 549525. The next number called: 549525. I screamed I was so happy!

I walked away with $340: 8 $20s and 18 $10s. What a day.

It's all real!

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