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October 1st, 2009

oh, the woes of living in rexburg

I turned on the heater in our apartment for the first time yesterday afternoon; I finally got too cold to leave it off.

It’s just barely October and we had to scrape off our windshield this morning before we left for class.

Some good things about the cold:

  • it will soon be illegal for people to park on the street (yay!)
  • people cover themselves up when it’s cold (no more cringing)
  • I get to wear scarves (they’re so pretty and warm)
  • I like my coats (they complete every winter outfit)
  • this is our last Rexburg winter (hopefully) so bring it on
  • I really like hot cocoa (more than any sane person should)
  • more cuddling (I don’t think this even needs a parenthetical statement)

I ran out of good things. I will have to spend some more time brainstorming good things about winter, I know there are more.