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October 12th, 2009

monday moanings

Sheesh, Mondays.

Do you ever have those Mondays when you wake up late so you don’t have time for a shower and you have to leave for class feeling gross and on your way to class (which you’re late for at this point) a female walking¬†bicyclist decides to walk her bike right out in front of your car while going up hill thus making you slam on the brakes so she can take her bike for a leisurely walk across a very busy road, and by the time she’s done your car doesn’t have enough power to finish going up the hill?

Do you ever have those Mondays when you finally find a parking spot on campus and you’re excited you finally found a spot because you’re late and you need to hurry, it doesn’t matter that the parking spot is a block or so away from where you need to be, but you get out of your car and some fancy-pants car tries to run you over because, of all the spots in the empty parking lot a block away from campus, he wants to park in the one right next to yours?

Do you ever have those Mondays when you finally get to the class you were in such a hurry to get to and you walk in to find them wasting away class time trying to look up some website the teacher thought he heard about and you end up just watching him try and navigate the internet for the next 45 minutes wondering why you hurried so much to get there?

Do you ever have those Mondays when you fall embarrassingly up the tiled stairs in front of many students coming and going from class and scratch up your writing hand, so for the rest of the day every time you take notes you’re reminded that you have yet to master walking?

Do you ever have those Mondays when you get to your literature class and realize that you were supposed to read all of book two and not just chapter two and therefore cannot participate in the analytical discussion taking place and feel like a complete moron for an entire hour?

Do you ever have those Mondays when you are really hungry but don’t have any time to stop and get something real, so you go to a little cafe on campus and try to get a relatively healthy beverage from the cabinet, but you’re too short to reach it and end up knocking it over, causing orange droplets to ooze all over a brand new book you were hoping to keep unspotted from the world and down the front of your white shirt, and you’re forced to continue the rest of the day with sticky orange droplets down your shirt and repeatedly explain that it’s just juice?

Do you ever have those Mondays when you try to print a ticket for your sick hubby, but you were unaware that the ticket had to be printed before 12 noon and it’s 12:05, thus refusing to print a ticket for you and you have to come home empty handed?

I’m having one of those Mondays.