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October 15th, 2009

oh the roaring 1920s

My research for my family history class brought me to some newspaper articles from the 1920s. I don’t know what it is, but these news stories are hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

A few of my favorite headlines:


“Overpowered and Taken to Jail; Friends Blame Moonshine.”

“Pity the Weak Skinny Children.”


“Explosion Endangers Patients and Nurses; Sheriff on Guard.”


“One Dead, Two Wounded As Result of Affray in Kemmerer.”

“Sweet Story Told at Honey Meeting.”

A good story:

“Mate Misses Wife, On Hike to Visit Her”

“A man hitch-hiked from Baltimore, Md. to Butte, Mt. to visit his wife. Meanwhile she was on her way cross country jaunt to see him.

“Today Robert M. Peek was on his way back to the city, “thumbing” rides hoping to overtake his 18-year-old wife en route.

“The mix up resulted from Peek’s failure to advise his wife of his intended visit to Butte. He had not seen her in over a year and wanted to surprise her.”

Oh, those were the days. Camel Cigarettes were being sold 2 packages for 27¢,a loaf of cheese sold for 26¢, a dozen eggs cost only 38¢, a ball bearing vacuum sold for $33 or $2.50 down and $1 monthly, a five-diamond engagement ring costs only $48.75, a hotel room with a private bath and adjoining garage facilities could be had for a mere $4.50 a night, and bootleggers designed their own automobiles with special trunks (not that I care about cigarette prices…).

We’d have a lot more stuff if we could pay $1 monthly, so maybe it’s okay.