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October 19th, 2009

a crash-course in motherhood

Our friends Britnie and Josiah called about midnight Saturday (or Sunday morning I guess) asking us to take care of their young son, Enoch, because she was going into labor with their second. Of course we said yes.


What did I learn in my 32 hours of motherhood?

Moms are stronger than they look. Every muscle in my body hurts. Carrying 17 pounds of child and 20 pounds of diaper bag miscellanea really takes a toll on the unaccustomed body. I honestly don’t know how people do it with only two arms.

Motherhood is a 24-hour commitment. It’s an obvious statement, but it’s a BIG commitment to make.

We will never, ever use cloth diapers. Enoch wears cloth diapers. Let’s just say they’re not for me, I will keep the disgusting urine–stained details to myself.curiosity

I’m going to need a mommy bra that can handle all the bending over, standing up, picking up, tugging on, bending over again, chasing around, crawling on the floor, leaning over the tub, etc. I don’t actually know that one exists, so maybe I should invent it before I have children.

I enjoy my selfish lifestyle: waking up when suits me, going to bed when I feel like it, feeding myself, dressing myself, being able to focus on a project without interruption, and being able to hold something without it being grabbed at, ruined, eaten, slobbered on, and otherwise mangled.

Children never hold still, therefore you can rarely capture that one truly great moment.

determinationOf course there were plenty of fun moments. After Enoch got used to the idea that he was staying with us for a while, there were smiles and giggles. Even when my immediate attention wasn’t needed, I sat and watched him play and babble to himself.

I liked to watch the funny things that he would do: sit on his sippy cup and pretend to talk on the phone, try on all of Matt’s shirts and shoes, push my stool around and ride it like a horse, lead the music at church, dance around everywhere, and stuff things into every crevice he could find.

When Enoch and I came home from church Sunday, I was exhausted so we relaxed on the bed. When Matt came home from his church meetings we were both asleep on the bed, so he joined us. Enoch woke up so happy. He had a big grin on his face and was so happy just to look at us and play with our faces. We all just stayed in bed and laughed and played. It made the weekend worth it.

I have to admit: I kind of miss the little guy and his big smiles (not the diapers).