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October 21st, 2009

evidence of exhaustion or insanity?

Some occurrences over the last week have me wondering if I should be allowed to drive:

Being a student for quite some time now, I thought I had the routine down. I have been thinking wrong. Last Friday I walked into my lit class with only a pen and my essay; no paper for notes and no recently read novel to refer to during discussion. Paper and novel are the staples of my major. I took notes on my bookmark which, ironically, I had with me instead of the book it goes with. I think my notes on my bookmark (which happens to be a coupon to the bookstore) are kind of entertaining to read.

While taking notes in a different class Monday afternoon, I misspelled a few words that I never misspell: “earch” (earth), “coarch” (coach). I also wrote down some words/phrases that I have no idea what mean in the context of our class discussion: “hose keeping,” “sine,” “keep governments to keep,” “nalf,” “irrmeaburably.” I have no idea what “nalf” or “irrmeaburbably” even mean.

The date I wrote on my paper yesterday: 20 Feb 2006. I have no idea why I went back three years…or the significance of February suddenly.

I wonder if the bookstore will still let me use my coupon…