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December 21st, 2009


We are sitting at the salt lake airport waiting for our flight to Texas.

Here are a few conversations I’ve overheard:

A woman waiting for her plane walks up to the man changing the trash bags.

Man (who happens to only have one arm): “Do you have a message?”

Woman: “Si.”

Then they both started talking in Spanish.

Two teenage girls sitting across from me had this conversation not ten minutes ago:

Girl 1: “Wouldn’t it be funny if we got on the wrong plane and we ended up in Africa with rhinos chasing us? Or what if we got on a supply plane on accident and we were just dropped out with parachutes and we landed on giraffes!” (followed by laughing)

Girl 2: “You’re dumb.”

It seems like someone watches too many Disney movies.

A man with his two young children, a boy and a girl.

Boy: “Man, my hands are getting tired. If we don’t get a cart, I’ll have to use my teeth!”

Girl: “I thought we were flying in a plane today…?”

Dad: “We are, we’re just waiting for the plane to get here.”

Girl to boy: “Do you want some of my candy?”

Boy: “Do you even have any candy?”

Dad: “We should get a bite to eat. I think that we’ll have to go downstairs…”

Girl: “Why? I have candy!”

December 19th, 2009

I believe an update is in order

Okay, it’s been a while…I’ve been busy actually studying at the library instead of just people watching. Finals week makes everyone do things they wouldn’t normally do.

I’ll just sum up with lists (I’m list and parenthetical statement obsessive).

Some not-so-fun things this week:

  • My computer became totally worthless to me on Monday–the first day of finals (this also contributed greatly to the lack of posting).
  • I showed up to my 7:45 am editing class on Monday excited that I was on time for the first time since midterms, and thinking that I had everything in order for our homework due at 5 pm and our test on Wednesday. I sat down in my desk in the front row and heard this sentence: “I wish you all luck on your final today, but before you can get started, I need for you to hand in your editing projects.” Ruined my day. I hadn’t studied for the test (not actually a big deal because I wasn’t going to study, but I might have…), and I didn’t have my editing project done, at all (I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire). I used some of my conflict management and rhetoric skills and emailed him what I could scrape up for an editing project right after class.
  • I find out at 3:23 pm that the…(choosing my adjectives carefully)…school email didn’t SEND my email to my teacher with my editing project. I was mad. I don’t get mad often, but I chose to be mad at this. My grade was on the line and the school email has seriously messed things up for me all semester. I was blood boiling, public ranting mad. I re-sent the email with a lame excuse to my teacher and waited to see if he was going to fail me (our editing projects and the test was our grade for the class). I waited 4 days for any response at all.
  • I wanted to make yummy brownie cookies for FHE on Monday (we were having the singles over). It was a disaster. I don’t have many cooking failures,  but it was an absolute disaster. Brownie superglue all over my baking sheet, with candy canes on top.
  • I stood in line for 45 minutes to sell my books back. When I finally got to a register to get some money back, the lady just looked at me and the pile of books I had been holding for 45 minutes, and then started talking to the guy at the register next to her, ignoring that I was standing there. I really don’t like it when people do stuff like that. I know that I’m just a meaningless student to her, but my time during finals week is very precious to me, and she was being rude.
  • While taking my last final, from 7:15 to 8:45 pm in the Smith Building, the power went out. We had to finish our tests by the light of our cell phones and I had to wander around in the dark on campus trying to call Matt.
  • Christmas shopping for Matt didn’t go well at all. I came up with a few things that I thought he would really like, but none of them seem to work out.

Some oh-so-wonderful things this week:

  • My computer isn’t totally worthless to me after all. It’s just really close.
  • I still really, really love my typewriter.
  • I passed all my finals.
  • I’m done with another semester. Sigh.
  • I got a 93% on my editing project that was technically late. He wrote me this nit-picky email about everything he thought was wrong with it (no time log, I wasn’t very specific in my essay about what I learned (I didn’t learn very much, that’s why), etc.). But, he also said that he gave me an A because it was “impressive.” I wish he would have been a little more specific himself with what was impressive, but I’ll take the compliment. I’m impressive (yep, that’s how it gets translated).
  • The power went out while I was taking my last final. Though the darkness was eerie, it was the most exciting final I’ve ever taken. The power was out for about 4 hours, and Matt and I got to listen to a Ham net with his Ham radio, it was kind of cool.
  • Christmas shopping. Though it was frustrating because things weren’t working out the way that I had planned, I still like Christmas shopping. I think I did get Matt something he’ll really like, and we got Jonah a present too.
  • I won’t have the guilt of homework not getting done over the Christmas holiday.
  • I get to read whatever I want to. I can go to a store and pick up any book I want and read it. Another sigh. I’ve been told which books to read all semester, and now I have freedom (though, ironically, I think I’m going to just be reading ahead for next semester, I’m a super nerd that way).

In the end, the shorter “oh-so-wonderful” list out weighs the “not-so-fun” list.

December 19th, 2009

a picture says it all

It writes in black too, but the black part of the ribbon is pretty worn out, so I just keep it on red. Red makes more of a statement anyway. Sorry about the white balance, I’m too busy right now to let my perfectionism take over.

December 10th, 2009

41 hours

I’ve pulled all-nighters before, but usually after I complete whatever it is that I’m sacrificing precious sleep for, I have an opportunity to sleep. That wasn’t the case yesterday.

Most of my classes (and therefore assignments) are on Mondays and Wednesdays. I had A LOT of large assignments due yesterday, so I ended up staying up all night working on them. I had classes and other obligations for the rest of the day, so by the time I finally put my head on my pillow last night, I had been awake for over 41 hours (though, part of that time I voluntarily spent with Jared and Emily instead of sleeping).

I do inexplicable things when I’m tired.

I stuttered quite a bit yesterday at my peak tiredness. I was very forgetful and would get up to do something and then forget what it was for an hour. I would randomly close windows on my computer, even though I still needed them. I got very giggly during on of my classes when it wasn’t appropriate to be laughing. I got a lot of words all jumbled up and said some very strange things. I fell asleep in class while writing notes; I was using my brain and I fell asleep (my notes are great to look at now though…).

December 4th, 2009

I can explain the lines on my face

I just woke up. I came to the second floor of the library to the area just past “General Books E-K” and pushed two chairs together so I could sleep. And sleep I did. Usually when I go to “sleep” in the library, I just close my eyes and kind of rest, but I’m pretty aware of my surroundings.

I just rolled over in my two chairs about twenty minutes ago (that’s how long it took the internet to load on my iPod so I could post) and discovered that I was surrounded by completely different people and their laptops. I had slept and probably drooled for over an hour. In fact, the only reason I’m awake is because I rolled over into the arm rest with my knee and it hurt.

I was having a really weird dream. Emily and Jared were there, that’s always nice.

I have my “ear buds” in, but I haven’t been listening to music…I forgot to turn it on.

I don’t have any shoes on. One of my favorite past times is walking around the library in only my socks. It’s bad for my socks, but it’s just so comfy. I have all of the all-carpet routes in the library memorized so I don’t have to walk on the slimy winter slush on the tiled areas.

I still have a little while for my class and I’m still tired. As long as I have massive lines all over the left side of my face, I might as well roll over and sleep until class.

There are a group of girls in the group study room behind the wall my chairs are against, they are singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and I really hope they stop.

I might knock on the wall to give them some encouragement.

Man, these girls are annoying. Now they are talking about how they think everyone just needs to have faith so that dinosaurs don’t come back. What? These people are in college?

Uh,oh, they are planning on coming out now to “ask people to come in for interviews.”

They are walking toward the door.

Closing my eyes as if I’m asleep.

December 2nd, 2009

you know you’re short when…

you get hit in the face by the backpack attached to the back of the person walking in front of you.

While walking around campus today I made a list of all the things that are at eyelevel for me:

  • pencil sharpeners in the Taylor building
  • room numbers and bathrooms signs in the Taylor building
  • the end of the dangling curtain cords in the Spori building
  • light switches in the McKay library
  • keyholes on closets in the McKay library
  • thermastats in the McKay library
  • the bottom of almost every picture in every building
  • antibacterial goo dispensers
  • a lot of T-shirt designs
  • the end of the black projector screen cords