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May 26th, 2010

happy graduation to me

Matt got me a graduation present today.

Isn’t he so sweet? Today, Matt got me a new laptop. I’m writing this post on a new computer just for me. I washed my hands before I started using it.

So, this wasn’t a premeditated present. My old laptop, Bruce (what I’ve called it for the last four years), has been hanging on by a thread (literally, it has to be plugged in ALL the time). Matt and I have discussed getting me a new computer on several different occasions. Computers cost a lot of money and we are poor college students, so the purchase was never made. Until today.

The university bookstore just got a bunch of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, so this laptop (a barely older MacBook being used as the floor model) was on sale for almost 50% off (just the right price). Sure, it’s “used” but it was never in someone’s home, and the bookstore has taken great care of it.

We brought it home and got it all started up. I wiped it off really well (none of those yucky college kid germs), and here I am writing a blog post.

Good thing I only have one homework assignment to do for tomorrow because getting a new computer makes me even less productive than before.

I told you Matt was sweet.

May 25th, 2010

hair wrenching

I am not cut-out for “group” work.

Group assignments always make me a very ugly person. I will forever delete the cliche “works well with others” line from my resume. I don’t work well with a lot of “others”. I’m friendly, sure. Bubbly and funny, oh yes.

I will explain the why.

I am a perfectionist about most things. When I’m working on something (like editing a real manuscript about to go to real publishers to be read by real people) that means a lot to me, I become an extreme perfectionist. When it comes to what I happen to know I’m extremely good at (editing and writing, let’s say) I happen to believe that I am right until someone provides sufficient evidence proving otherwise.You can see where this causes problems in group settings.

So far my groupies have only proven to me that they do not care about this current project as much as I do, that they have miraculously protected their vast ignorance over the last four years, and that they have no idea what they are doing. I would rather work on projects alone.

Currently, I’m frustrated most by the fact that my group has chosen to work on our project via Google chat and Google doc. When they make idiotic suggestions or say something proving that they have no understanding of editing, they can’t see my blank stare. My slow blinking. My head shaking.

I’m considerably less persuasive via Google chat.

Oh, they’re chatting with me.

May 18th, 2010

valid excuses

Why I didn’t finish (or ever start) my homework.

Valid Excuse #1: I went to get a haircut on Friday afternoon, but my appointment had to be rescheduled for this afternoon because the water heater was broken. I had to go to my hair appointment this afternoon, but I still set aside plenty of time to do my homework. A lot of that time was unexpectedly taken up by my two and a half hour haircut.

Valid Excuse #2: When I was making dinner, sporting my cute new haircut, I burned my left middle finger and right pinky finger. My burn injuries clearly did not allow me to type, so I didn’t even try.

Valid Excuse #3: When I doctored and babied my fingers enough to finally start my homework,  I got distracted by the suggested search list provided by Google and learned a lot about clothing trends in the 1980s. I meant to go back to my original search, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

Valid Excuse #4: I’m blonde, I’m pregnant, and, as illustrated by excuse #3 (and possibly #2), I currently don’t have the required mental capacity to do my homework at this time. I do, however, have the mental capacity to explain why I used the “blonde” spelling instead of the “blond” spelling. Could that count instead?

Valid Excuse #5: After reviewing the requirements for the assignments and making minimal effort to locate the needed documents on my computer, I got frustrated with the irony of being dependent on technology I don’t fully know how to use. I got more frustrated and started to send ESP messages to Matt to pick me up some Mint Milano Cookies. If he does bring them home, I’ll consider myself a genius and promptly delete excuse #4.

What really happened: After getting frustrated with my lack of brain power and technological expertise, I decided to spend 30 minutes writing a blog post about why I didn’t do my homework, 30 minutes playing with the ice for my burned fingers, and 25 minutes with ice on my head thinking about Mint Milano Cookies.

May 11th, 2010

we proudly announce

It’s a boy!

He’s about seven inches long and weighs nine ounces. It’s okay to tell me he’s cute, I think so too. He’s adorable, and I can’t stop looking at him.

Yeah, I totally called it.

May 10th, 2010

oh the anticipation

Tomorrow’s a big day.

Tomorrow, May 11, we have a doctor’s appointment. The goal of the doctor’s appointment: discover if baby Mowgli is a boy or girl.

It isn’t until 1:30 in the afternoon. I get out of my only class at 10:00 am. What am I supposed to do for all that time? Homework? Yeah, right. Just thinking about it today makes me all anxious and crazy.

Possible time-consuming activities for tomorrow:

  • Get a haircut at a beauty school (this always takes forever and then some)
  • Make and decorate sugar cookies, from scratch
  • Fold laundry
  • Reorganize all of the folders and documents on my computer
  • Try and get an earlier appointment

On a side note:

The guy sitting at the computer next to me keeps burping. It’s really, really grossing me out. My eyes are watering I’m so disgusted. He also has girl hands. He has a rubberband around his wrist that he snaps every few minutes. This intrigues me, so I don’t move.