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May 18th, 2010

valid excuses

Why I didn’t finish (or ever start) my homework.

Valid Excuse #1: I went to get a haircut on Friday afternoon, but my appointment had to be rescheduled for this afternoon because the water heater was broken. I had to go to my hair appointment this afternoon, but I still set aside plenty of time to do my homework. A lot of that time was unexpectedly taken up by my two and a half hour haircut.

Valid Excuse #2: When I was making dinner, sporting my cute new haircut, I burned my left middle finger and right pinky finger. My burn injuries clearly did not allow me to type, so I didn’t even try.

Valid Excuse #3: When I doctored and babied my fingers enough to finally start my homework,  I got distracted by the suggested search list provided by Google and learned a lot about clothing trends in the 1980s. I meant to go back to my original search, but I couldn’t remember what it was.

Valid Excuse #4: I’m blonde, I’m pregnant, and, as illustrated by excuse #3 (and possibly #2), I currently don’t have the required mental capacity to do my homework at this time. I do, however, have the mental capacity to explain why I used the “blonde” spelling instead of the “blond” spelling. Could that count instead?

Valid Excuse #5: After reviewing the requirements for the assignments and making minimal effort to locate the needed documents on my computer, I got frustrated with the irony of being dependent on technology I don’t fully know how to use. I got more frustrated and started to send ESP messages to Matt to pick me up some Mint Milano Cookies. If he does bring them home, I’ll consider myself a genius and promptly delete excuse #4.

What really happened: After getting frustrated with my lack of brain power and technological expertise, I decided to spend 30 minutes writing a blog post about why I didn’t do my homework, 30 minutes playing with the ice for my burned fingers, and 25 minutes with ice on my head thinking about Mint Milano Cookies.