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May 25th, 2010

hair wrenching

I am not cut-out for “group” work.

Group assignments always make me a very ugly person. I will forever delete the cliche “works well with others” line from my resume. I don’t work well with a lot of “others”. I’m friendly, sure. Bubbly and funny, oh yes.

I will explain the why.

I am a perfectionist about most things. When I’m working on something (like editing a real manuscript about to go to real publishers to be read by real people) that means a lot to me, I become an extreme perfectionist. When it comes to what I happen to know I’m extremely good at (editing and writing, let’s say) I happen to believe that I am right until someone provides sufficient evidence proving otherwise.You can see where this causes problems in group settings.

So far my groupies have only proven to me that they do not care about this current project as much as I do, that they have miraculously protected their vast ignorance over the last four years, and that they have no idea what they are doing. I would rather work on projects alone.

Currently, I’m frustrated most by the fact that my group has chosen to work on our project via Google chat and Google doc. When they make idiotic suggestions or say something proving that they have no understanding of editing, they can’t see my blank stare. My slow blinking. My head shaking.

I’m considerably less persuasive via Google chat.

Oh, they’re chatting with me.