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July 30th, 2010

Dear Across-the-Cement Neighbors,

Please stop stomping up all three flights of stairs. Please pick up your suitcases when going down all three flights of stairs. Please close your door if you don’t want us looking in when we come out of our apartment. (Yes neighbor, we saw you in your underwear that one time. You thought you ran fast enough, but, alas, we saw anyway.) Please brush your teeth in your apartment. Please stop going in and out of your apartment repeatedly, slamming the door behind you each time–get what you need and leave, gently shutting the door behind you. Once.

Please stop stomping up all three flights of stairs, my dishes desperately need a break.

Thanks so much.

Your tired, very pregnant, has-no-where-else-to-be across-the-cement neighbor.

PS We spy on you through the peep-hole in our door.

July 27th, 2010

oh look, it’s us

Here we are posing for pictures. Aren’t we just precious? This was a while back, but I’ve been a tad busy with school, life, and GRADUATING.

Just admire our pictures for a bit (and check out that growing belly!). They were taken by my talented friend McKenzie. You can check out her blog here.

This is us again, GRADUATING. Okay, so there are many more (and probably better) pictures of graduation, unfortunately all were taken by the parents with the parents’ cameras, therefore these are the only ones we have so far.

The nice thing about everyone wearing graduation gowns: everyone looks 6 1/2 months pregnant.

The hard thing about marrying someone 11 inches taller than you: getting your heads in the same shot (and sharing a car).

What we’ve been up to as graduates (the last three days):

  • going to bed late
  • reading books
  • watching movies
  • shopping in Idaho Falls
  • writing “thank you” notes
  • going through almost 2 containers of Tums (okay, only the pregnant graduate has been doing that)
  • feeling like every single day is a Saturday
  • napping (again, this only applies to the pregnant graduate)
  • starting a Target baby registry with lots of expensive baby gear
  • picking out fabric for crib bumpers and blankets (the pregnant graduate and mommy-in-law)
  • going to an air show with the Blue Angels (the non-pregnant graduate and his daddy)
July 16th, 2010

sad times

There wasn’t any popcorn!

Yesterday was the day all the soon-to-be graduates get their caps, gowns, and other paraphernalia and, for the first time ever, they weren’t serving popcorn! I was so disappointed. It’s true, during the course of pregnancy popcorn has lost quite a bit of its magic (let’s just say that popcorn is at the top of the “worst foods to vomit” list), but I was still looking forward to getting my graduate popcorn. They were serving brownies and punch, instead. Lame.

Last night Matt and I came home to find two HUGE boxes stacked in front of our door. We were so excited. We thought people sent us something. Nope. The boxes were for apartment 7103 and we live in apartment 7301. Again, lame. So we hauled them all the way down the stairs and around the building to the right apartment. I’m thinking now that we should have opened them first to see if they contained anything we wanted/needed. Darn.

Not-so-lame things:

  • This is my last Friday as a student.
  • I had chocolate milk this morning.
  • I JUST (like 10 seconds ago) looked over to the person sitting next to me and discovered that it was my future brother-in-law. It was kind of weird. I’m going to have to teach him how to print things from the school computers–and pay for it. I’m such a nice person. (Oh, um…I think the whole future brother-in-law thing deserves its own post, but I think the whole thing might still be on the “down-low” so…um…shhh.)
  • I plan on making cupcakes later this afternoon. Planning on and actually doing are two different things, but for now, cupcakes are in my future.
  • I get to read a book this weekend. One that I pick out all by myself.
  • I know this is kind of obvious from the first bullet, but I graduate NEXT WEEK.

Off to do a nice future sister-in-law deed.

July 8th, 2010


I’m one of those people that has to lie perfectly still to fall asleep. If someone (like Matt, for instance) has the wiggles and fidgets, I can’t fall asleep. Some people need it to be dark, others need it to be silent. I need it to be still.

I have been finding out lately that it doesn’t matter if Matt and I are both lying perfectly still, because I wiggle from the inside out. Our little Hughie* seems to wait until I lie down to fall asleep to put on a tap dance in my belly. I have divided feelings about this. It’s really fun to feel him move around inside me, but at the same time, I get very, very tired and would really like for him to hold still until I fall asleep.

On a related note, little Hughie now kicks and punches hard enough that, if you’re looking at just the right time, you can see my belly move. Again, this is kind of fun, but also very distracting to any classmates who happen to catch a glimpse. Once they see it, they can’t stop staring at my belly hoping to see it again.

* Matt and I joked for a while about naming him Hugh Mungo. I don’t particularly like the name Hugh, but I’ve developed an odd attachment to calling him Hughie.

July 3rd, 2010


  • I don’t like candy very much; I used to hide it under my bed in a box.  Most of the chocolate stuff can stay, though.

Tangent: Did any one else get a bunch of this candy at Halloween?

(Sorry, it’s the only picture I could find) I preferred getting pencils or rulers to getting a handful of … whatever that is in my Trick-or-Treat bag. Yuck-y.

  • I don’t really like fireworks either. Or loud music. Or anything loud in general. I know, little miss party-pooper over here.
  • Fire makes me uncomfortable, and I go through a ridiculous amount of matches whenever I try to light something.
  • I haven’t the slightest idea how to use a lawnmower or drive a “stick” or do anything remotely handy. My fix-it, women-can-do-anything-men-can mother would be ashamed if she really knew how much I depend on Matt for basic living–so, let’s just keep that between us, okay?
  • Spiders freak me out. Bugs don’t bother me, spiders of any size give me the willies (again, my squish-spiders-with-my-bare-hands mother would be ashamed).
  • I either sleep through or completely forget most movie plots.

So, it’s the Fourth of July. While I appreciate what the holiday stands for and agree that it should be celebrated, Matt and I don’t make a big deal about it. For example:

Our first Fourth of July, we went to Idaho Falls and bought curtains that we didn’t hang for over three weeks (because we were moving).

Last Fourth of July, Matt worked on his computer and I learned Morse Code.

This Fourth of July, Matt worked on his computer and I organized a closet (we also went to a movie, but it had nothing to do with it being a holiday).

I know, we sound like really boring people. I promise we aren’t (mostly). To everyone else, the Fourth of July is the quintessential summer holiday– family, camping, swimming, eating lots of food, parades, and fireworks. To us, it means a day to ourselves to do whatever and going to bed listening to other people light fireworks.

We are grilling hamburgers tomorrow, so we aren’t totally lame.