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September 28th, 2010

[clever title here]

Do we all remember this awkward picture from a few months ago?

This is me sixteen weeks later (last night), wearing one of my favorite t-shirts (it’s just so soft!). For some reason, this picture makes want to make the “boing” sound effect.

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, which means I can go into labor at any time and have a baby. Weird. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and in my doctor’s words, “your baby doesn’t seem interested.” Translated: The little dude still finds my uterus cozy and doesn’t seem to be making his way out. That’s fine with me for now, I suppose. Maybe next week I’ll start doing jumping jacks and climbing the stairs.

The last time he was measured, the little man weighed approximately 7 pounds 2 ounces, which is average for 37 week male baby (he was measured last week). Unfortunately I’m not an average-sized female, so if he thinks he’s staying in for the long haul, he’d better stop growing.

Oh, and if you haven’t gathered: still DEFINITELY a boy. It’s been confirmed many times now.

We’ve set up the crib (i.e. Matt set up the crib and I handed him stuff). I’ve decided that everything should be made in Dongguan, China (that’s where our crib was made; I thought it was funny that it specified where in China it had been made). It was the easiest, smartest assembly we’ve ever experienced. I could have put the crib together all by myself, if it wasn’t for the lifting (it would have taken at least twice as long, but I could have done it).

I got a flu shot today while I was at my doctor’s appointment. I told Matt that I should get on Facebook and complain about it in my status, since that seems to be what everyone does on Facebook now; complain about trivial things no one else cares about. I’d rather just complain about it on my blog: my arm hurts.

September 23rd, 2010


is the first day of fall (autumnal equinox).

I L-O-V-E fall. Fall is the absolute epitome of cozy and wonderful.

I love how fall changes the colors of the leaves to the prettiest oranges and reds.

How the air gets cold, crisp, and smokey.

How homes are filled with fires, pies, and families.

I love the jackets, mittens, and scarves. I really love scarves.

I love the pumpkins, gourds, squash, apples, and dry corn fields.

My favorite thing about fall: snuggling up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. I doubly L-O-V-E hot chocolate.

Sometime in the next two weeks and three days (seventeen days), I get to snuggle up with a baby and drink hot chocolate.

Nope, that doesn’t freak me out.

Where did the last nine months go?

September 16th, 2010

the new neighbors

We’ve lived in our new apartment for two weeks, and I’ve been watching my neighbors closely.

Upstairs neighbors:

  • College-age son living with older mother (I’m not going to guess nationality because I’m no good at it, but they speak Spanish and it makes me feel cultured somehow); they are very nice.
  • Son drives PT Cruiser, except today, he drove the minivan.
  • I’ve never actually seen the mother.
  • Son likes to listen to loud music, but never at night so I can’t complain. The other day when I was putting our laundry away, I’m pretty sure he was dancing to his loud music. For some reason knowing that he was dancing to his music made me smile.
  • Son (I’ll have to come up with a nickname) just came home from working out. Good for him. Except, he was wearing flip-flops… so I think he was just lifting weights (his arms seem like they lift a lot of weights).

Downstairs neighbors:

  • Moved in two days after we did.
  • I’ve never seen them leave their apartment, but I know they do.
  • Have at least one kid, who cries, but not obnoxiously (so far).

Third floor on the left neighbors:

  • Newly married couple.
  • Wife doesn’t speak English.
  • Husband dresses a little sloppy.
  • Seem nice.
  • Drive a blue car.
  • Left their front door open last night before going out. Oopsies.

First floor on the left neighbors:

  • Husband and wife.
  • Wife is pregnant or at least wears pregnant-looking tops.
  • Husband is a student and recently purchased his books from the bookstore.
  • Husband wears a black hat all the time.
  • Drive black, two-door Honda.
  • Like eating Taco Bell, Little Caesars, and Bajio.

At this time, we do not have any across-the-cement neighbors, or they are insanely quiet and never leave their apartment.

Two days ago while I was in the parking lot, I discovered that our old across-the-cement neighbors Malibu Barbie and Beach Boy Ken also live in our new building, just in the other stairwell. It is possible that they live across the wall from us. More observation is needed.

There is this one guy that I see from time to time outside talking on his phone (he’s ALWAYS talking on his phone). Because he’s always outside talking on his phone, I don’t know which apartment he lives in. I just saw him walking to the clubhouse…talking on his phone.

OH! Malibu Barbie and Beach Boy Ken just left to go work out — in matching outfits!

Our new apartment has windows on the front of the building and on the back of the building, so I can see ALL of the comings and goings.

I wonder what our neighbors have noticed about us…

September 10th, 2010

dear world,

Why isn’t there a quesadilla button on my microwave? I have a popcorn button and a baked potato button, and even a pizza button. Where’s the quesadilla button?

September 6th, 2010


I just now discovered that I can’t see out the peep hole in our new front door. How am I supposed to spy on our neighbors now? I had to stand on my tippy toes to see out our last one, but at least I could see out. I can’t even get my forehead close to the new peep hole, let alone one of my eyes.

And spying on my neighbors was one of my favorite hobbies too…

September 6th, 2010

the whirlwind

We moved!

We moved from our one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment in the same complex. We LOVE our new apartment so far.

We got the keys to our new apartment last Tuesday and it’s been a little crazy ever since, but things are finally starting to calm down.

Things we are loving:

  • the HUGE front room
  • the two bathrooms
  • the bigger, not walled-in kitchen
  • the storage area outside
  • the bigger closet
  • only walking up ONE flight of stairs!

Things we are getting used to:

  • having upstairs neighbors
  • our new washer/dryer set (they are larger, which I like, but the washer doesn’t have a gentle/delicate cycle and the dryer only dries on high heat and takes a cycle and a half to fully try a load)
  • the smaller second bedroom (we were hoping it would be a teensy bit bigger than it is)
  • not having Matt’s computer and large monitor in our front room to watch movies/TV on (we just might have to buy a TV)

Right now we are trying to get rid of all the boxes and back to a semi-normal routine as fast as possible.

Brag moment: I fit 119 of our books on our two-shelf bookcase. This took a lot of organizing, re-organizing and a lot more time and energy than it sounds. They are very meticulously organized by topic, place in the “cannon,” author,  height, and publication date. It’s not as perfect as I would like, but they are all on there and I’m forcing myself to deal with the small imperfections I see.