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September 28th, 2010

[clever title here]

Do we all remember this awkward picture from a few months ago?

This is me sixteen weeks later (last night), wearing one of my favorite t-shirts (it’s just so soft!). For some reason, this picture makes want to make the “boing” sound effect.

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, which means I can go into labor at any time and have a baby. Weird. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and in my doctor’s words, “your baby doesn’t seem interested.” Translated: The little dude still finds my uterus cozy and doesn’t seem to be making his way out. That’s fine with me for now, I suppose. Maybe next week I’ll start doing jumping jacks and climbing the stairs.

The last time he was measured, the little man weighed approximately 7 pounds 2 ounces, which is average for 37 week male baby (he was measured last week). Unfortunately I’m not an average-sized female, so if he thinks he’s staying in for the long haul, he’d better stop growing.

Oh, and if you haven’t gathered: still DEFINITELY a boy. It’s been confirmed many times now.

We’ve set up the crib (i.e. Matt set up the crib and I handed him stuff). I’ve decided that everything should be made in Dongguan, China (that’s where our crib was made; I thought it was funny that it specified where in China it had been made). It was the easiest, smartest assembly we’ve ever experienced. I could have put the crib together all by myself, if it wasn’t for the lifting (it would have taken at least twice as long, but I could have done it).

I got a flu shot today while I was at my doctor’s appointment. I told Matt that I should get on Facebook and complain about it in my status, since that seems to be what everyone does on Facebook now; complain about trivial things no one else cares about. I’d rather just complain about it on my blog: my arm hurts.