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February 14th, 2011

I dedicate this to everyone

How we all feel, put to music. Enjoy.

February 14th, 2011

oops and oops

Oops #1: I accidentally turned my child into a light sleeper.

I discovered this oopsie during our California visit. Since I’m the only one making noise during his naps at home, he is used to near silence. When we were in California in a house with eight cousins and all kinds of commotion all the time, he couldn’t stay asleep no matter how hard I tried. Since we’ve been back, I’ve been making an effort to make a little more noise while he takes his naps. It’s not working though, because just ten minutes ago I caught myself tip-toeing past him on my way to the computer.

Oops #2: I accidentally turned my child’s burp cloth into his security blanket.

David has been a very, very spit-uppy baby. For the first month of his life, I couldn’t even put him on his back to change his diaper or go to sleep without him gushing everywhere (I’m not talking dribbles, I’m talking a new blanket and outfit–for both of us). It slowly got better, so I wouldn’t have to change him and my shirt every time I needed to put him on his back, but he was still completely saturating four or five burp cloths a day. Because of his constant spitting up, I always leave him with a burp cloth.

Now, his burp cloth is his favorite toy and cuddle buddy. He LOVES playing with it now; he laughs and squeals at it as he shoves it into his mouth. It’s to the point now, that he has trouble falling asleep with out one snuggled next to his face. It’s kind of cute, but more sad.

Right this minute, notice what he has in his right fist next to his face:

Everyone should be happy they don’t have to look at my hair today: I’m having a phenomenally-bad bad hair day. I tried curling it thinking that would help… worst. decision. ever.