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July 20th, 2011

chronicles of a housewife: manly haircuts

Maybe it is my own obsessive-compulsiveness, but I feel that if I’m going to be a legitimate housewife, I have to be domesticated in every aspect of homemaking, including giving men’s haircuts.

After overcoming my initial trepidation, we purchased some clippers and attachments. Matt needed a haircut immediately, so after studying the diagrams provided in the clipper kit, I started on Matt’s hair. Because there’s no proof otherwise, I can say that things got off to a really good start; he didn’t look too bad at all.

After I finished with the haircut, I removed all the attachments and got ready to do some fine tuning around his neck and ears.

I ended up doing this and shrieking. And laughing. And maybe even crying a little.














I started over on the haircut, and now Matt has REALLY short hair. Good thing it’s summer.

July 20th, 2011

breaking even

David has been out as long as he was in, what a trip.

This baby gets cuter and cuter every day. Not only is he cuter than ever, but he’s the sweetest child. He just has this penetrating sweetness about him.

This month’s tricks include:

  • waving “hi” and “bye” (when he wants to)
  • clapping his hands
  • shaking hands
  • scooting around, but still not quite crawling
  • sharing toys (if we hold out our hand and say “please” he’ll hand us whatever he’s holding)
  • singing to music
  • mimicking sounds we make











July 4th, 2011

viva las vegas!

EDITORIAL NOTE: We went to Las Vegas June 13-17 so Matt could attend the International Licensing Expo, in case you missed that and are confused. The editor apologizes for the unintentionally long post; she hates reading annoyingly long blog posts, so if you get sick of reading, look at the pictures and feel warm fuzzies.

Before I say anything else, I just want to brag about my baby: He was the best little traveler. THE BEST. He was so mellow and cheery. He took everything in stride and with patience. We did some driving, plane riding, more driving, being hot, going in and out of the room, staying up late, talking to strangers, and went all over the Las Vegas strip, and he just took it. He did better than most adults. David ate well, napped well, and slept well (mostly).

Having never been to Las Vegas, here are some things I learned:

  • A LOT of people go to Las Vegas.
  • I saw more skin walking the strip than I did in the ladies’ dressing room in high school.
  • Las Vegas is hot.
  • Las Vegas has tropical trees.
  • Las Vegas has a lot of crazy people.
  • The swimming is blissful.

Because Matt was going for business, David and I had to conquer the city alone if we wanted to leave the hotel. Up until we got to our hotel, I thought going out alone was a great idea. I’m a small-town girl; I’m not used to swarms and swarms of buildings, cars, or people. I honestly, naively didn’t realize how big Las Vegas was. I’m not going to lie, at first I felt a little overwhelmed with the idea of going out on the town alone with David (and all the paraphernalia a baby requires). But I wasn’t going to waste my trip, so I sucked it up.

The first place David and ventured alone was to the hotel pool.

It was AMAZING. Clear blue skies, hot, sunny weather, calm pool environment, shade, large beach towels … ah, it was nice. David and I wore multiple layers of SPF 50. And, yes, that really was our pool area — half of it anyway. We went to the pool every day we were there, it was so wonderful and we made a lot of friends, most of which were drunk, I think. But still friendly.

Other things we did:

  • saw the lions at MGM
  • strolled the “strip”
  • went to M&Ms World — Yellow M&M (the character) asked if he could babysit. I said no.
  • ate at some fun places
  • went to Shark Reef and saw sharks, stingrays, and jellyfish

Here we are at New York, New York (David is on Matt’s back in the carrier).

Here we are at Shark Reef — the flash made glares on all the glass, so the lighting is a little dark. Sorry.


David LOVED the jellyfish.

Las Vegas isn’t really a place most people bring their babies, so David and I got A LOT of attention. People went nuts for this kid. Two different Asian families took pictures of him, like they’ve never seen an American baby before. One of the Asian families had their two kids pose with David. It was funny and a little weird. Everywhere that David and I went, we got a lot of “Oh, look at the baby!” and “He’s so cute!”

Overall, it was a pretty fun trip. It was a successful business trip for Matt (yay!), and David and I got to spend some serious time relaxing by the pool. Everyone, drunk or not, was super duper friendly (even the guys in the elevator who asked if I was their stripper … I think they were joking … ?).

During our trip, David had FOUR teeth cut through. He took it like a champ up until the last night, and then he kept us up ALL night. Neither Matt nor I felt well that morning (nauseous) while we gathered our stuff and went to the airport. When we landed in Salt Lake, I REALLY didn’t feel well, but had barely eaten anything (a yogurt), so I figured food would either make me feel better or get the yucky over with faster (something I learned having morning sickness). We ate some lunch, and I “got it over with.” Whatever bug it was, it kept me company all night but then went away. It was really weird to be non-pregnancy sick because I very rarely get sick (knock on wood). I can only remember being sick twice in the five years I’ve known Matt. There have to be more, right?


July 1st, 2011


Satan owns Vistaprint and the Rexburg Post Office.