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August 23rd, 2011

today’s cutest moment

David imitating the sound of our blender. It made us both laugh so hard, so we encouraged him to continue.


August 19th, 2011

what I’m loving right now

David making Billy goat sounds while trying to comb his hair with the TV remote. The only thing cuter is him saying “uh-oh” over and over again with his little baby voice. Or maybe his giggles. It’s hard to choose.

August 4th, 2011

someday …

When we’re not traveling, I’ll blog again.

This is our summer itinerary:

May: Boise/Fruitland, Idaho

June: Las Vegas, Nevada

July: Oakley, Idaho and then Fruitland, Idaho

August: Fruitland, Idaho; Evanston, Wyoming; Oakdale, California; Reno, Nevada.

By the time it’s all over, David’s “schedule” is going to be so messed up. We leave for Evanston, Wyoming (to visit my dad’s family briefly) on Saturday … the day after tomorrow. I’m still not completely done unpacking from the trip we got back from on Monday. It’s really nice that David is such a good traveler; it makes it a lot less stressful.

This is us being a family.