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February 28th, 2012

dishing the dirt

I realize that most (if not all, I haven’t really checked …) of my posts are about the sing-songy happy moments of our lives (or David). I don’t intentionally leave out “bad” stuff, and I certainly hope that when you read my blog you think that my life is all sing-songy happy moments, or worse you think I’m not being genuine and trying to paint an untrue version of our lives.

We have hard days. We have hard trials. Sometimes David can be a real poop. Sometimes our apartment is a wreck (and I have a silent prayer in my mind all day that no one stops by). There are several days a week that I don’t do my hair/face more than a ponytail. Some days I eat lunch in my pjs (I hate myself those days; nothing makes me feel worse about myself than spending a perfectly good day in my pjs). I have worries, a lot of them irrational (like how David is going to fit in at school … in four years).

I just don’t see the good in me dwelling on the negative things in our lives, and quite honestly there aren’t that many to dwell on. Our lives are filled with so much happiness and blessings. Over the last year there have been many, many of my friends or people within our circles that have faced (and are facing) incredibly difficult health problems; the kinds that you only read about but don’t expect to ever affect someone you know, that forever alter their lives, that may later claim their lives. I cannot help but give daily thanks for my health. I have a perfectly healthy baby kicking my belly button, which means more to me than I could ever adequately articulate. I have a healthy, beautiful, happy toddler who fills my life and heart with so much joy. I have a healthy, helpful, able husband who serves well beyond expectation. What do I have to complain about?

A few less-than-bright moments that I think you’ll still enjoy:

  • David has a horrible haircut. That I gave him. I’ll eventually do a post on it with a picture for your pleasure and my embarrassment. Matt assures me it’s not so bad, but really if you’re sitting next to him, it is; uneven, choppy, too short in the back. Poor guy. Yes, yes hair grows.
  • Last week while I was in the kitchen making dinner and unloading (or loading, I don’t remember) the dishes and not paying close attention to David, I turned around to find him ninja waving the sharpest knife we have. He pulled it off the counter when I set it down. No limbs were lost.
  • Saturday night we had pizza for dinner and the pizza box didn’t fit in our trash and hadn’t been taken out to the dumpster, to make it less of an eyesore in our kitchen on Sunday before my mom came to visit, I put it in the empty, cool oven. Do you see where this is going? Later that evening while making dinner, I managed to melt part of our plastic cutting board on the stove AND cook the forgotten pizza box in the oven. Glad there wasn’t a fire … but really, the whole experience is embarrassing for so many reasons.
  • David fell/rolled/climbed out of his crib yesterday at nap time. I put him in his crib for nap time, which he was furious about, and right after I closed the door to his room I heard a distinct “thud” and more screaming. I went back in to find him on the floor about a foot away from his crib holding his head. His mattress was already in the lowest position, he didn’t have anything in his crib he can use to step on for leverage except bumper pads that didn’t look like they had been stepped on (they’ve been removed anyway, for good measure), and he really isn’t that good of a climber yet (maybe he saves his best tricks for private).