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March 27th, 2012


In case you soon find yourself standing in the store trying to remember what brand of toilet paper you usually buy and wonder, “Is Angel Soft really soft?” Remember this:

It’s not. I know they put pictures of babies and clouds on the packaging, but that’s just marketing. Lesson learned.

Here’s my question to the world: Can you return something to the Dollar Store? I mean, it’s the Dollar Store so you shouldn’t be surprised that something you spent one dollar on ends up being worthless … right? Well, I bought something at the Dollar Store that said on the package that it was “sturdy” and “durable” that is, in fact, less durable than a plastic sandwich baggy.¬†What do I do with it? Return it? Throw it away? Donate it?


March 2nd, 2012

the name game

We had a hard time narrowing down names when I was pregnant with David. I had such a hard time picking a name for a boy: their names don’t change when they get married; it should be something “strong” sounding; it should ‘go’ with our four-syllable, semi-difficult last name; etc. We asked friends and family for name ideas and suggestions (we got a lot of jokes in return) and read and re-read all of the names in a baby name book.

I really resisted naming him “David.” I’ve never been particularly fond of the name, but David Carter kept coming to mind during my pregnancy. I started thinking of him as David before we had even decided on naming him that. We had a short list of names in mind when he was born, some that I liked more than “David.” When we held him, he was David. “David” is a common name on both sides of our families and Carter comes from Matt’s side, so his name comes with a lot of heritage.

So, people want to know: Do you have any names in mind for a girl? We do. It’s very different this time. I have lots and lots of girl names I like, and a few Matt likes, too. I had it narrowed down to two names before the ultrasound; one I’m already particularly fond of. We’ll keep the two in mind until we meet her, and then we’ll choose.

But I’m keeping them a secret.

Right now, I call her Coco. For people who are really persistant, I tell them we’re naming her Cleopatra.