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April 6th, 2012


A few weeks ago I woke up and decided to make David little bean bags to throw around. These would have taken me only a few minutes to do, but, like the over-achiever I am, I decided to put numbers on them, too (which ended up taking a lot of time because I made it complicated).


I used some fabric scraps and dry beans I’ve had around for quite some time, so they were FREE.

I made enough 4×4 squares for numbers 1 through 10 in various colors (20 squares, 2 for each bean bag). I printed the numbers on cardstock and then traced them onto some iron-on adhesive I also had around (if you make some, trace the numbers BACKWARDS onto the webbing so they will be right when you iron them to the fabric). I followed the iron-on directions and ironed them onto contrasting fabric, cut them out again, and then ironed them onto the front of 10 of the 4×4 squares.

I stitched around the edge of each number (which is what made it complicated and take forever), and then sewed right sides together around three of the sides of each bean bag. I filled each with 1/4 cup dry beans (which ended up being exactly a one-pound bag of beans to fill all the bags). I finished sewing the fourth side.

Viola! Free new “toys” for David.