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May 4th, 2012

a serious case of ugh

Last week I hit the 30-week mark in my pregnancy, it was also when all energy and life was sucked from my body overnight. One day I was bursting with nesting energy and cleaning our apartment like a crazy person, the very next I wake up 30-weeks pregnant and in a walking coma.

It’s only gotten worse. We are now in the single-digit countdown until Coco’s arrival (yay!), and with each passing day I get more and more tired and slow (and round).

I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open (and sometimes I don’t), while David is packed with toddler energy. It’s been WINDY here and rainy and hailing and more windy so we haven’t been outside much. David desperately needs to chase something outside and burn some pent-up energy. He’s been literally jumping off the walls and attacking pillows (or me, depending on which is more conveniently located). It’s not angry attacking, it’s wound-up aggressive 18-month-old boy attacking.

My phone, which is on the arm of the other couch less than six feet away from me, just rang. I didn’t attempt to get up and answer it. I feel like my entire body has been filled with cement (except my belly, which has a family of¬†octopi¬†living in it).

I think I just fell asleep with my eyes open. Either that or I just spent the last 20 minutes only breathing and blinking.

I should check my phone.