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June 21st, 2012


Last week Mungo (one of our goldfish) died.

Earlier this week, we walked by the fish bowl to find this:

I wonder if similar activities lead to Mungo’s demise. Astrid, the other fish, seems to be depressed ever since Mungo got flushed, and after the crayon incident, I think it’s possible we might not have Astrid for much longer either.

June 14th, 2012

nursery rhymes

















The room is small and simple, but full of love:

  • David’s baby bedding and now ‘big boy’ bedding was/is a hot air balloon and airplane theme (airplanes are a BIG deal to Matt and his dad (Papa), so it was only fitting). The quilt on the wall was made by Matt’s mom (Nana) and matches David’s crib bumper and has a matching hot air balloon pillowcase.












  • The prints on the wall above David’s bed are Matt originals that I saved from his printmaking class from way back when (in thrift store $1 sanded and painted frames).

  • On the shelf above David’s bed are two very special items: 1) a toy airplane that both Matt and Papa played with as little boys, 2) a “treasure box” from my grandpa for David. My grandpa gives a treasure box to every grandson (and now great-grandson). The boxes aren’t given at a specific age and no two grandsons get the same box; he gives the box when he finds the “right” one during his travels. David’s box opens with a combination and contains two rare coins and $1. I think it’s such a neat tradition and hope that David finds the box special when he’s a little older.

  • The hot air balloon mobile is the same mobile that hung above David’s crib, and what I tried to use as inspiration for making a new crib bumper and skirt for baby Coco. The thought process was that David’s ‘side’ focuses on the hot air balloon itself, so her side should focus on the animals IN the hot air balloon. Easier thought up than done. Lots of shopping later, I settled on elephant fabric for one side of the bumper and a pale pink for the other (she is a girl after all). I sewed it all up with the elephants meant to be facing out, only to discover when I was completely done and tying the bumper to the crib that the elephants lined up exactly with the crib slats and couldn’t be seen. So, elephants on the inside and pink on the outside, which allowed me to use an olive colored queen-size flat sheet to make a simple crib skirt.









  • I had something completely different in mind when I set out to sew a crib bumper, and I was honestly a little disappointed when what I had envisioned wasn’t working out and I had to settle on different fabric (no one told me how expensive cute fabric was when I got my sewing machine, I was so naive). That was, until I was given this ADORABLE blanket from a close friend that literally ties the whole crib together; it is elephant themed with matching pinks and greens to the bumper and skirt. I’m crazy about it.

  • The blanket that you see in the crib was made by my grandma. My grandma made a blanket with the same pattern 18 years ago for my cousin and fell in love with it. Her house burnt down right after, and she couldn’t replicate or find the pattern again, until recently. My grandma was at a craft fair browsing a box of patterns not expecting to find anything interesting, and she ended up pulling out this long-lost blanket pattern and has just been waiting for a new baby girl to make it for.


June 12th, 2012


Before I forget …

A couple of weeks ago while I thought David was distracted by Sesame Street I snuck away to shower. While shampooing I hear a little voice saying, “wet, wet” and turn to find David pointing at me. I told him to go watch Elmo and he disappeared. A few minutes later, his little arm came through the curtain handing me our umbrella. It made me laugh so hard.

Because we live in Idaho an important word to learn is, “windy.” David quickly learned “windy” on our walks outside and for a while thought that was the name of the fan, too. I think it’s a pretty clever connection for a toddler.

There is a spot of dead grass we often pass outside when we go for walks. I never thought much of this spot of grass until David stopped to inspect it one day exclaiming, “Nine! Nine!” Sure enough, it looks like the number nine, if you’re 19 months old and learning your numbers.

And this is what I mean when I say he ‘sorts’ things:

Green lid in the green container, red car in the red container (he added the blue two after counting there were two containers). He also found the matching lids, I don’t keep them all matched up. I think it’s possible a little of my OCD tendencies are already rubbing off …

June 12th, 2012

quirky quirks

David has always had his own personality, but toddler days make it come out more and more every day. A few funny things about David:


  • He’s completely obsessed with hats.
  • He’s almost just as obsessed with shoes. When he’s not wearing his own pair, he’s walking around in a pair of mine (he tries Matt’s first, but they are still too big and too heavy for him to walk around in, so he settles with mine).
  • One night a few months ago we were looking for his stuffed puppy and I started making little kissy sounds as if we were looking for a real puppy. Ever since, David makes kissy sounds when he is looking for someone or something. It’s HILARIOUS when he walks around our apartment kissing and calling, “Daaad! Daad!”
  • Sometimes he calls me “honey.” Lately though, if he comes to find me after after being in separate rooms he just says, “hey you.”
  • When David wants something to move or when he’s moving around, he often says, “beep, beep.” You know, like a truck. Just the other day he was helping me put away dishes, he couldn’t get one of the cabinet doors to stay open long enough for him to put his plastic plate away. After pushing it several times he finally, very frustrated yelled, “Beep, BEEEEP!” as if that would make the door stay open. It did.
  • He loves to walk around with his hands in his pockets.
  • He loves cars, trucks, airplanes, animals, reading, and calling people on the phone. He still doesn’t say much when he “talks” on the phone to an actual person; he mostly just stands and smiles or shows them his toys.
  • He thinks he has a baby in his belly too.
  • He now plays “pretend” kind of. He often puts all of his animals to bed on a blanket. He also likes to pretend various pieces of his dinner are trucks or animals.
  • He doesn’t like being sticky or dirty. A word we hear very often now: “Ewww!”
  • He now knows most of the alphabet (all but 5 of the letters) and numbers 1 through 10 by sight. I honestly have no idea where a lot of this came from; he just picks up on stuff so fast that he’s now learning faster than I can teach him.
  • His turkey sandwiches always say, “gobble, gobble” before he eats them. He made the connection all on his own: I told him one day at lunch that he was eating turkey and cheese and not tacos (everything is tacos or pasta). He looked at the turkey meat and said, “gobble, gobble” and stuffed it in his mouth.
  • He sorts things; stuffed animals from plastic toys, toys by color, cars from trucks, etc. It’s kind of weird sometimes, I’ll admit.

I have a persistant nagging feeling that there was one thing in particular that I wanted to write down before I forgot forever, but of course I can’t remember what it is now. So the list just gets longer and longer while I sit here and try and remember what it was that I wanted to write. Maybe I’ll remember when I’m not trying so hard.


June 11th, 2012

distance makes the heart grow fonder

Miss me? No, I haven’t forgotten I have a blog. I’ve just been busy preparing for baby Coco and chasing David (literally chasing). I have a dozen or so drafts that need to be finished and published, but first things first.



People want to know: how’s it going? how much longer, again? Pregnancy has been great, thus I haven’t had much to say about it. Lately it has been getting a little uncomfortable, but that’s to be expected. I feel lucky that up until 35 weeks, I didn’t even have swelling to complain about (then we took one last road trip to a wedding across the state and I exchanged my dainty ankles for clubs). Today I’m officially 37 weeks, making me fullterm. I’m supposed to “stay close” and be ready because I’m in the ANY TIME NOW zone. It feels like this pregnancy went crazy, scary fast. David went right up to his due date, I don’t know when for sure, but I would be surprised if I made it to my due date with Coco. Things are very different.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing the last of the baby prepping; sewing baby blankets and a crib bumper, washing and organizing FOUR full loads of baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, and bedding, and making tons of baby hair accessories. I’m not going crazy with it, I just want people to know she’s a girl.



We have it narrowed down to a few names. Unlike David, I’m not super stressed about it. We don’t know the exact name we’ll give her, but I’m confident that when we meet her, we’ll have the right name.



Last weekend my sister Melissa got married, so we went over to Fruitland and stayed with my parents. Two things about this: David’s favorite person in the whole world (even above me) is my younger sister Kendra, and my parents have lever-style door handles that nearly made me bald. Every chance he got, David would sneak out the front door and run full speed straight for the moderately-busy, 35 mph street by the house, and then all 36-weeks-pregnant me would have to sprint after him (something no one should have to witness, it wasn’t glamorous). David had a great trip being Kendra’s shadow and trying to put me into labor.

David is cuter that cute, but now full of that toddler independence. We’ve been adjusting to new kinds of messes and new kinds of tantrums (on the floor rolling and screaming). He’s also affectionate, quirky, and in my completely biased opinion, freaky smart.