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September 26th, 2012

chitter chatter

I have several posts that need posting, but I wanted to write down some funny things David’s been up to lately before I forget them.

When David holds up his toy camera, he says, “Cheese stick!” Some people say, “Say cheese!” when they take pictures, he’s just adapted it to something he understands better.

Instead of saying, “No, thank you,” David says, “No, please.”

On Matt’s birthday, he walked around saying, “Happy day! Happy day, Daddy!” Instead of, “Happy birthday, Daddy!”

His favorite phrases include:

  • “What’s that noise, Mommy?”
  • “Who’s that?” He assumes I know everyone, everywhere.
  • “What’s that?”
Since we’re always holding things up and asking him questions about it (“What color is the car?” etc), now David will make noises and then ask, “What’s that?” wanting us to guess what animal/truck/airplane/train sound he was making. It’s a pretty fun game.

Any time David talks on his toy phone (or anything he pretends is a phone), he talks to Sir Topham Hatt (from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories). Their conversations consist of “Yes sir,” “Okay sir,” “Bye sir,” and “Amen, sir.”

He’s pretty good at joining our adult conversations by chipping in at appropriate times with, “Oh, right,” or “I see,” or “Exactly,” or “Uh huh.”

Some of his books he can “read” now because he has each page memorized; or sing along to the songs they play.

He knows most shapes and colors now and is pretty obsessed with triangles; he sees triangles everywhere we go and points them out to me. His favorite breakfast is “triangle toast” (a slice of toast cut diagonally).

I was telling David that his shirt said, “I love my Papa.” He scoffed at me and said, “No, I love Mommy!” He said it in the sweetest way. He loves Papa, too and talks about him EVERY day since Nana and Papa visited after Lilly’s birth. Every day, multiple times. Every day for  almost three months I’ve heard, “Nana Papa go in black car.”

When David starts getting bored in the car, we sing “The Wheels on the Bus.” When he sings at home, every song has a very enthusiastic, “All through the town!” We were babysitting Lindsy’s six-month-old son, Klev, a few days ago, and when Klev would get fussy, David would go over and talk to him; ask him, “What are you doing, Klev?” A few times David went over and started singing the alphabet to him. David’s alphabet went a lot like, “ABC … truck … monkeys … H … Q … airplane … XYZ … Next … All through the town!!”

David has started really playing; his imagination bloomed overnight and now everything explodes (no idea where he got that), is an airplane, talks, etc. He’s also really friendly right now. David often says goodbye to trucks in the parking lot (or calls out very dramatically, “Nooo! Come back truck, come back!”). When he sees an airplane flying outside, he reaches up and pretends to grab it from the sky. He thinks every bug is a ladybug and has conversations with them, “How are you doing, ladybug?” “Sorry, ladybug.”

When he trips, he’ll immediately call out, “Fine!” before I can ask.

If Matt or I kneel on the floor David will run up behind us and wrap his arms around our necks and ask for a ride. He calls them “camel rides.” I think it’s hilarious that they’re not horsey rides.

And some pictures he took of us:


September 16th, 2012

man of the hour

I honestly feel sorry for all the other wives on the planet: there’s no way their husbands are as great as mine. No really, I’m serious.

Here’s proof.

  • Since David was born (so about two years now), Matt has made breakfast 70% of the time. I cannot tell you how many times I wake up to a warm breakfast waiting for me. At least three times a week.
  • Matt lets me sleep in as much as he can. He takes the morning shift with David while I catch some extra zzzs.
  • He gets up with David at night just as much as I do (if Lilly got up for more than a snack, he’d probably get up with her too; I know, it’s backwards).
  • Matt does the majority of David’s bedtime routine.
  • He frequently asks, “What can I do to help?” in a way that doesn’t imply he thinks I’m a failure at being a housewife.
  • He’s not addicted to video games. Apparently that’s an epidemic destroying marriages in our age group.
  • I’m positive that if I asked him right this second to rub my feet, he would. Not only would he do it, but he’d do it without making a face or grunting or sighing or anything. He might even smile.
  • He lets me do whatever I want. He claims that’s because I never want to do anything ridiculous …
  • Matt handles all things car and technology related. I’m grateful for this. I have no idea how anyone else manages to survive in this world without an in-house IT expert.
  • He knows A LOT (or maybe I don’t know much so I think he knows a lot …). I am always asking him random questions and he almost always has an answer.
  • He spoils me (if that wasn’t obvious from the rest of the list).
  • If I so much as hint about wanting to do something, he bends over backwards to try and make it happen. He goes above and beyond being “supportive.”
  • He has no problem dropping what he’s doing to help me (or come to my rescue). He recently stayed home from work for two days in a row while I was on my deathbed with a mastitis infection (I really was that miserable). If you know Matt, it’s a big deal, he doesn’t miss many days of work–including most holidays. He likes me that much.
  • He gave me a diamond necklace for our recent five year wedding anniversary. I mean, really.
  • He’s always leaving me nice notes or sending me texts/emails telling me he loves me.

I could go on and on for days, but I won’t. You get the picture: Matt’s the best.

He just came out of our room in his “pajamas” and asked, “Do you remember if we have a crowbar?” And put a hammer in my purse. I think I should go …