three months!

David is three months old. I’m baffled.

His favorite things:

  • eating
  • smiling
  • filling his diaper RIGHT after it’s changed
  • snuggling
  • Matt (he saves his biggest, brightest smiles for his dad)
  • watching TV
  • standing on his legs
  • cooing
  • his new purple Hippo that jingles (it’s annoying, but he likes it)
  • sucking on his fists

My favorite things:

  • more sleep (he sleeps all night about once a week now, and the other nights he gets up once for a snack)
  • the constant smiles
  • the snuggles
  • our conversations
  • all the cute clothes he gets to wear
  • watching him learn something new every single day
  • him

He rolls quite easily onto his sides now, not all the way, but to his sides. He is getting closer and closer to sitting up by himself; right now he still needs a hand or pillow to help him balance, but he’s getting there. I absolutely love when he talks to us. It’s so cute. He grows so fast! I both love and hate it.

If I loved him any more, I think I would evaporate.

He is fascinated by our phones. We always get them out to take a picture of something cute, and he almost always stops when he sees the phone shoved in his face because he gets so distracted by it.

A few pictures from this afternoon when he was sitting on my lap holding my phone: