dear whoever designed my washing machine,

I despise you.

Why, why, WHY is there no gentle cycle? How come if I want to wash something in hot water, I HAVE to wash it on “heavily soiled” and get it beat up?

To make matters worse, why does your machine steal my socks? I know it does, I’m not joking.

My evidence:

  • All of the clothes are clean and put away. All of them.
  • I’m missing at least 10 little white socks.
  • The other day when I was moving a load from the washing machine to the dryer, I noticed two of David’s tiny socks stuck near the top of the washing machine in the slot where the water comes out. Hmmm… I wonder if this is where all my socks are going too.

If you are the same person who designed my dryer, I despise you even more.

Why does the dryer only dry on high heat? Why is there no tumble dry? Have you ever heard of “tumble dry, low heat”? Why is there no way to turn off the buzzer? What if I don’t want a loud buzzer that can be heard in every room (including the one my baby is taking a nap in) to go off every time the dryer is done? I know when it’s done all by myself. Why is the hole the clothes go in so small? If it is an “extra large capacity” dryer, why is the hole so small?



PS I want my socks back.

  • Amy

    So sorry! Especially since you have to use them so much with a baby. We have a dryer to give you when you move near us :) We needed a gas one, but still have the electric one in the garage. Let us know…

  • Emma

    That stinks! Sounds like a pretty dumb washing machine. You should write an angry letter to the company, and write, 'You owe me socks!!!” :) I had fun seeing you and David!!