please pass the ketchup

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

First (not chronologically), David rolled over! I was getting him ready for bed, and he was happy so we did some “tummy time” for a while. He rolled from his belly to his side, and after some coaxing and encouragement, he rolled to his back. Then I helped him roll back to his belly, and he rolled over again. He needs a little practice before it’s smooth, and he certainly hasn’t caught on to what a landmark event this is, but he rolls. This is both very exciting and a little scary. Life as we know it is about to change, again.

Update: When we were staying overnight in a hotel recently, we put David to bed on a mattress pad on the floor of the hotel room. I put him to sleep wrapped tightly in his blanket, on his back. The next morning I could hear him grunting, and when I sat up, he was about eight to twelve inches from the mattress pad, on his belly trying desperately to scoot somewhere.

Second, Matt and I bought a new air mattress (kind of a long, unimportant story) and we wanted to try it, so we went on a little “camping trip” to our front room. To start our camping trip, we all wore plaid shirts (because everyone wears plaid when they go camping). Our other camping activities included eating foil dinners (which always taste better when they are cooked with fire and not in the oven), making s’mores over a candle flame, and sleeping on the air mattress under our sleeping bag (we only have one… another long story). While we were “camping” we came up with secret identities and had a Bourne marathon and watched all three Bourne movies.

Meet Roger, Nigel, and Jane Clemmens.

Nigel was especially cute.

Third, the Lindsy and Alex wedding was wonderful. It was kind of a long whirlwind trip, which included icy roads, closed roads, staying at a hotel during a power outage (talk about dark), a wedding, a reception, a great-great-great aunt, more closed roads, a derailed train, and another reception.

A few pictures from the Washington/Idaho trip:

David wearing Grandpa’s hat at the hotel (before the power went out).

David trying to join the conversation about whether or not we should stop to get ice cream.

The wedding day was very sweet (and cold).

David looked so handsome (notice how tight his white shirt is around his arms, he’s so buff).

By the time the second reception rolled around, David was pretty sick of the traveling and dressing up.

Fourth, we had a very wonderful Christmas. David loved looking at the Christmas tree with all the lights and ornaments. He also loved being spoiled by all the aunts and his grandparents.

Christmas presents included a new duvet cover*, a new (really nice) pot and pan set, leather gloves and fancy headphones (for Matt), and toys, ADORABLE outfits, and books (for David).

I don’t have a lot of pictures from Christmas yet, I’ll have to get those from the grandparents.

Fifth, Matt, David, and I recently made a trek to California for a quick family visit. It was a great visit and so nice to see most of the family. We drove, so that was an adventure all on its own. David is a champion traveler; there were only a few patches of empty Nevada road that he cried on (but if I woke up strapped to a seat in the middle of Nevada, I would probably cry too).

This is what he did most of the time: try to eat things.

*Everyone has their “things” that they get really into. Some people like shoes (I like those too, but not as much). Some people really like tech stuff and gadgets (like Matt). Some people like jewelry. One of my “things” is bedding. I LOVE bedding, and I’m crazy in love with our duvet. If you want to feel like a princess snuggling in a big, fluffy cloud of bliss, get a down duvet. My other “things” include notebooks (I’m always writing therefore, I have a nice little collection of notebooks filled with my scribbles) and black writing pens.