I’m crazy for…


I crazy crave chocolate. Every day, all the time. Before David was born, I liked chocolate just fine, but I didn’t go nuts for it. Ever since I brought David home from the hospital, I’ve been craving chocolate like the female cliche says I should. Matt indulges my cravings, so life is good.


Lately, I always feel like eating tacos. Any kind of taco will do; beef tacos, chicken tacos, pork tacos. Mmmm. I think I could eat some kind of taco every night for dinner and be perfectly happy.

Dried Cranberries

One of my favorite snacks is a handful of Ocean Spray dried cranberries. All dried cranberries are fine, but I’ve decided that Ocean Spray cranberries really are the best. I’m almost addicted.

Wheat Thins

I love Wheat Thins. You can eat any thing with a Wheat Thin; cheese (a personal favorite), Nutella, fruit slices, veggies slices.

Fruit & Vegetables

Eating raw fruit and vegetables completes my day, and they make me feel so good; way better than snacking on candy.