cat lady

The other day, I found myself sitting next to another young mother with a four-month-old daughter. It was … I don’t know the word. Refreshing. I loved it. I don’t talk to many other young mothers, and I found myself on a new level of bliss. It made me think about my friends.

Aside from Matt and my sisters (the people who “have” to be), this is my list of friends:

  1. “That blog family.” Confession: I stumbled across a blog (by following a link on a friend’s blog list, and then another, and then another) about a family in California almost two years ago. I read this blog religiously and feel so close to this family, even though I have never actually met any of them and they don’t know I exist (other than by my IP address). I’m a weird stalker lady.
  2. Cindy. Cindy is the host of the cheesy workout video David and I jam to in the mornings. She’s so cheerful and encouraging.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres. Just because I watch her show most afternoons.

This is a sad, sad list. I’m just days away from bringing home stray cats, I can feel it. If I weren’t married, I’d be a hermit.

I’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to making friends. Most of my close friends have moved away and the few that are still close are hard to “hang out” with (there are only three of them, so it shouldn’t be THAT hard).

I don’t meet many people because I don’t go to school. Or almost anywhere (the grocery store and the mailbox aren’t the best places to make new friends).

I tried to introduce myself to our neighbor when the florist delivered her Valentine’s flowers to me, but she just took the flowers and closed the door in my face.

I met another young woman who lives in the same complex as us, and it seemed like we would be great friends (she liked the same TV shows, games, and baking). I even lied to her and told her that her dog was cute (I didn’t actually think her dog was cute, but wanted to be friendly).  She informed me shortly after introducing herself that she hates babies. Our potential friendship went up in smoke. I told her that her yucky dog was cute, and she told me she hates the baby I’m holding–not friend material.

Matt and I serve in a singles ward on campus. While I’m “church friends” with many of them, I wouldn’t and don’t “hang out” with any of them. There’s a barrier because I’m married and have a baby and my husband is their ecclesiastical leader. And, quite honestly, we don’t have a lot in common because of the reasons listed.

Let me make things clear: I’m not lonely. I’m not sad. And I haven’t seen any cats lately. I just think, based on my list, that it might be healthy for me to make real friends before I start considering other mediums “friends.”

So, three friends who still live within a reasonable distance, let’s get together sometime. We can meet at my place and eat chocolate.

And friends who live far away, how are you?

  • Emily

    Oh, Ashley! My heart went, “oh” in a pained way when I read this one. We miss you three terribly and wish we could be closer. When are you moving to Seattle with us!?

  • Hilary

    So…Am I one of those three close friends?! I do live reasonably close…and we do seriously need to get together! It's sad that I've never met your adorable baby…he definitely is a cutie!!! I'm home all day long too…one of us just has to suck it up and travel the distance to the other's house! :)

  • Cami

    I don’t live very far either and once I have my baby I will be staying home to fold laundry and watch Ellen and I’m pretty sure we need to see each other way more often then we do! I love and miss you and will be planning a trip to see you soon!