chomp chomp

Tonight while I was getting David ready for bed, I stuck my finger in his mouth for a quick feel. I do that sometimes.

David is getting his first tooth!

He’s been really great about it. So far, he’s just been taking longer naps during the day, and he gets a little bit of an attitude when he gets tired (but who doesn’t?). That’s it. What a great baby.

I’m so excited … and yet not. So many emotions. I want to push pause on life for a while. David is so cute and fun and perfect. He’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s been so much fun watching him grow and learn, but I want it to slow down! I want him to be four months old for another month. I want him to keep growing and learning, just not so fast.

We started feeding him rice cereal (mush) a few weeks ago. It’s going gloriously well. He figured out how to eat from a spoon incredibly fast, and now he goes after it with so much enthusiasm that he pushes a good amount of the cereal off the spoon.

This weekend I was going through his clothes — packing up the ones that are getting too small and getting out the next size — and I just stared at his newborn clothes, in awe that he was ever so tiny.

My baby has a tooth. He’ll be in high school next week, and off to college in a month.

I guess I should start teaching him the alphabet …