month four

Before he’s five months old, here’s what David’s been up to this month:

  • growing a tooth!
  • trying to sit up on his own (so close)
  • grabbing and sucking on everything
  • rolling over
  • babbling and squealing
  • laughing and giggling
  • smiling
  • putting his binky in his mouth by himself (again, so close)

It’s fun to watch him develop into his own little person. A few fun things that are uniquely David:

  • He L-O-V-E-S his burp cloth. He squeals and giggles when you hand it to him and let him hug it. He insists on sleeping with one, too.
  • He has a favorite rattle. It’s obvious he likes it more than the other toys and even the other rattles.
  • He likes to sleep with his face covered. If I don’t cover it, he’ll pull on his blanket, pull down his hat, or move his burp cloth until his face is covered.
  • He really likes kicking his legs, especially in the tub.
  • He thinks it’s funny when he sneezes. It’s so cute.
  • When he’s falling asleep or eating, he likes to reach up and run his fingers through my hair. It’s the sweetest thing. Sure, sure, it might turn to pulling, but for now it’s just really sweet.

Some picture documentation of his cuteness.

Him and his funny sleeping.