a pathetic realization

Matt does 99.99% of the driving (no, I’m not exaggerating). Today while I was running a few errands around town, I made a list of how pathetic I’ve become in regard to driving (I like lists):

  • I have no idea how to turn on or off the radio in our car. I stared and stared at the buttons and even pushed several (sorry Matt if I messed it up) and it never turned on and now there’s a little number five that I can’t make go away.
  • I have no idea how to use the “cruise control” function. I tried to figure it out while driving and only accomplished getting frustrating looks from the cars around me.
  • I have only driven through a drive-through twice…ever. I rarely ate fastfood in high school (since that’s the last time I did any significant driving) and if I did, I just went inside. If I’m alone, I still just go inside. I would rather park and go stand in a line inside than go through the drive-through.
  • In the two years Matt and I have been married, I have only filled our car with gas twice. That’s just sad. I remember both of these times very vividly A) because the second time wasn’t too long ago B) because both times I realized after I had pulled up to the pump, that the pump was on the wrong side of the car.
  • Oh, and I can’t park. I understand the concept of driving between the lines, but parking the car between them is a skill I just don’t have. Parking was barely brushed over in my driver’s ed class and driver’s test, the result being me parking right on one line or the other, not between. I try, I really try.

Those are just the things that I am willing to publish on the Internet, the rest of the list is too embarrassing to share.