five months already?!

Alas, David is already five months old (older, actually). Where does the time go?

I love this picture. LOVE it. It really captures his nature; how he takes in the world. Doesn’t it look like you caught him mid-conversation? I will be honest– sometimes when I talk to him, I wait for a response.

New tricks added this month:

  • Reaching and lunging for faces, hair, toys, phones, computers, food, power cords, and pretty much anything in view.
  • Growing his second tooth (not really a “trick,” but still noteworthy).
  • “Singing” himself to sleep.
  • Spitting and blowing bubbles, just for the fun of it.
  • Touching his toes.

A few of his favorite things:

  • Everything on the list above (minus growing a tooth).
  • Still his burp cloth; it’s the love of his life (after me, of course).
  • Blankets. He loves to play with blankets.
  • Sneezing (he gets the biggest grin after he sneezes).
  • Really cheesy, fake laughter (from us).
  • Being tossed in the air.
  • Dancing (or watching me dance like a silly-billy).
  • Listening to music (particularly “Claire de Lune” and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”).
  • Admiring his cuteness in the mirror.
  • When we clap.
  • When I make kissy sounds.
  • When Matt whistles.
  • Chewing on his lower lip (it’s hilarious).
  • Touching anything with texture.

And now a few thoughts from David:

ftuyyyyyy   hhhhhhhhhhhhhh (plus a lot of spit).

  • Amanda

    This is the cutest picture, the kind that floats around years and years from now when grandkids look at grandpa as a little boy “oh so cute.”

  • Jendan1999

    I love the picture…it reminds me of you, you know when you would get interrupted mid-sentence!!