blog series: martha mondays

My life’s ambition right now is to be my own, law-abiding version of Martha Stewart.

In honor of the queen of domesticity, I started Martha Mondays: twice a month I do some kind of project to improve my domestic talents and make our home more beautiful (they aren’t always projects from Martha Stewart and they almost never happen on Monday, I just liked the alliteration).

In February I made a paper heart garland to drape over our TV. The best part? It was completely FREE.

I got the idea and template from Martha’s website (found here), and just used old paper I had lying around.

Matt got me 101 cookie cutters for Valentine’s Day, and even let me open them early so I could make heart cookies for Valentine’s Day. I made hot pink heart cookies, chocolate X cookies, and baby pink O cookies (the X cookies weren’t quite chocolatey enough so they tasted kind of like what I would guess doggie treats would taste like … we’ll work on that).

Last weekend I made gourmet cupcakes from scratch (using a recipe from Cake Boss — my all time favorite show). Cupcakes will never be the same, they were amazing.