what happened to April?

It was here, and now it’s not.

A summary of our April since I was in a blog-posting funk:

It snowed.

It snowed a little more.

David turned six months old.

Matt got sick.

David exercised agency and stopped taking naps, sleeping through the night, and drinking from a bottle.

David caught on that not everyone is Mommy or Daddy and developed very strong stranger anxiety.

It rained.

And it ended with mastitis.

(There are some really cute David moments squeezed in there too.)

  • Cami

    It did snow a lot in April. And it has rained a lot in May. Hopefully June will bring lots of warm, sunny days. And I’m hoping to spend a minimum of one Saturday with you and David. What all do you have for summer plans? What does the rest of your 2011 year have in store for you (as much as you an plan ahead for that is)? I miss and love you tons Ashelt. I really really do.