I know, I know

It’s been a while since I’ve written a real post. I’ve been … busy being a mom and lazy (among other things).

A while back, David turned six months old. Six months marked sitting up by himself, eating more solid foods, and a major surge of energy. His favorite foods are pears, bananas, crackers, carrots, green beans, and pages from magazines. He hasn’t refused anything we’ve offered him (or anything we haven’t — he basically eats everything if he can get it to his mouth).

Earlier this month, he turned seven months old. Seven months has brought even more interest and fascination in the world, new babbles (“ma ma ma” and “ba ba ba”), and the outdoors. Earlier this month, it finally got warm enough in Rexburg to go outside with baby, and David touched grass for the first time. He loves to look up at big trees with leaves; his eyes get bright and big.

David has a great sense of humor and it’s usually pretty easy to get him to giggle. He has a quiet, contemplative temperament. He’s 100% boy (except, I’m pretty sure that right now his favorite color is pink … ). When playing with his toys, he reaches for his cars and trucks first (I think he just likes to feel the tires roll over his tongue). He also prefers to be as naked as possible.

My boys hanging out in Grandma’s living room: