if I’m being honest …


[more sighing]

Things have been … rough around here these last few weeks. David’s sleeping has taken a turn for the worse. We had him sleeping through the night months ago, but suddenly a few weeks ago, he stopped. Sometimes he’ll get up 3 or 4 times in an hour. We’ll get him sleeping all night again, but it will only last a few nights and then we’re back to getting up at least 3 times a night. I don’t know what happened, and I don’t know what to do about it.

He doesn’t take very good naps during the day, he’s grumpy and needy in the evening, and then he doesn’t sleep well at night. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I get really frustrated. I’m not really frustrated with David, more myself for not knowing what to do and feeling guilty because I feel like I’ve done something wrong as a parent. He doesn’t wake up to eat, he just wakes up. Sometimes, it will take an hour or so of him crying and us pacing and shhhing before he settles back down.

I’m sure the fact that he’s spoiled contributes greatly. I’m not even going to try denying that our baby is outrageously spoiled (by me). The spoilage is (mostly) a result of circumstance: he’s the only child of a bored stay-at-home mom. He gets a lot of attention and cuddles. I’ve tried unspoiling him a little, but that’s hard to do.

What we’ve tried:

  • Letting him “cry it out.” This doesn’t work on our child. He will just keep crying and crying and crying until he makes himself hoarse and sick. And then he keeps crying.
  • Putting him to bed earlier. This seemed to help for a while, but only for a while.
  • Having Matt go in instead of me. This seems to help A LOT. David will go back to sleep faster and usually for longer if Matt soothes him instead of me. This seemed to be our golden ticket to sleep for about a week, but then we went to visit family for a week and he came back sleeping worse than ever.
  • Feeding him right before he goes to sleep. This changed nothing.
  • Feeding him more during the day. I’m still working on this one, so far, I haven’t noticed any improvement.
  • Bathing him right before bed. This just seems to make him more energetic and playful than soothe and relax him.

Things that work:

  • Letting him sleep in our bed. Even if we’re not in it, he’ll sleep fine in our bed. On Sunday mornings when I’m getting ready for church, I let him play on our bed. He’ll usually get tired and fall asleep. And stay asleep. Right now, my spoiled baby is taking a nap on my bed. He’s been asleep for two hours, the longest nap he’s had in two weeks.

I’m seriously tempted to let him sleep in our bed and sleep on the couch; I’m that desperate for something to change.

Oh, and what is with this weather?! I NEED to take this baby outside, but it’s been in the 50s and rainy. I have been cooped up in our apartment with David for almost eight months. We’ve only had a handful of nice days in Rexburg, and it’s almost June. My sanity is limited at this point.

David may not sleep well, but he’s a champion eater, giggler, drooler, roller, and biter. He has a bright future.