my sneaky termite

Thank you all for your concern and suggestions with David’s sleep: you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

The Termite’s* sleeping is MUCH improved. What finally broke the sleep barrier was letting him cry for 15 minutes, soothing him, letting him cry for 15 minutes, soothing him, and on and on until he finally went to sleep. The first night we did it, we did three 15 minute crying sessions before he finally went to sleep. The next night it was only two chunks of 15-minute spurts and then went to sleep. So, it’s been improving. Last night, we let him cry for 15 minutes, and literally the minute I started walking down the hall to get him, he fell asleep. He’s been sleeping all through the night or just waking up once and then going back to sleep. So, things have been much, much better.

The day after I wrote the frustrated post about him not sleeping, I noticed that his top gums were swollen and red. I’m sure teething is to blame for some of the problems we’ve been having, but not all. Since we’ve been watching David’s top gums and waiting for the teeth to finally break through, we didn’t notice the THIRD tooth coming in on the bottom. Sneaky, sneaky. He gave me a big grin this afternoon and I noticed another little tooth poking up next to his other two. There’s something inexplicably exciting about babies getting more teeth to bite you with.

We’re also loving Gerber’s Graduates Puffs right now.

I once scoffed at a woman I saw feeding them to her baby, since they have almost zero nutritional value. However, since David has started getting more and more independent and working really hard on developing his pincer grasp, it has been hard to find something to give him to pick up and feed himself that he doesn’t choke on; Cheerios and crackers are still too hard for him to “chew” with only three teeth. The nice thing about the Puffs is that they get soft quickly and are easy to swallow; so they’re a great practice food to help him get used to picking up, chewing, and swallowing actually solid foods (since he’s been eating mush that is called solid). The Puffs helped him make it all through our three hour wrestling match (church) without much fuss.

Oh, and this week he started actually drinking from his sippy cup and not just chewing on it.

Things are good here again.

* I call him the Termite, not to be mean, but just because he’s always biting stuff — especially me; my collar bone, arms, shoulders, and knees.