31 minutes

That’s how long David cried before he finally gave up and took a nap. I’m trying really hard to be a tough mom, I only have to try when it comes to sleeping. David is such a great baby and I don’t have to really work at anything, but sleeping has been a bumpy road for us. The only method that has worked consistently has been putting him in his crib, turning on his favorite song (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”), and shutting the door. Knock on wood, it’s worked really well in the evenings (last night he cried for less than 30 seconds before he went to sleep!), but it’s taking a lot longer for nap time.

He just started crying again. With gusto.

We’ve also begun weaning him. With eight growing teeth, it’s been getting uncomfortable. Not to mention he’s less and less interested; it’s become more of a comfort thing/play time.

Yep, still crying. I’m sure our neighbors *love* our baby. And me doing the kickboxing workout (complete with kicks, jumps, and jogging) in the morning. We’re great neighbors.

Sometime soon I’ll post about something more interesting, I promise.


  • Amanda McKie

    They should have been nicer when you moved in. Their loss. Your gain. They are too shy to do anything about the noise, and you can do whatever you want. 

  • Ericaledesma

    The first time I made Owen cry it out Jed was away on a young men’s camping trip…He cried for 3 hours…seriously.  The next day I went and checked out every book the library had on how to make your baby sleep.  Hang in there…the neighbors will get over it.

  • Matt

    To clarify, David loves the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. http://rd.io/x/QJATKxM4cA