picture flush

My computer time is limited these days: when David sees me at the computer, he immediately joins me and pounds his hands on the keyboard. I tell you this because he’s changed my blog settings with his pounding and I don’t know how to change them back; no combination of my pounding seems to do the trick. The text is super tiny, and only on my blog page. I’m squinting right now so I can see what I’m typing.

I don’t know why, but sometimes I get a little lazy about uploading the pictures. I find it a little tedious and time consuming, and like I just mentioned, computer time is now limited to when he naps (almost never) and when he’s in bed for the night. So, here are a bunch of pictures I haven’t been posting but I’ve been meaning to (and whatever else is on my camera that I’m too lazy to weed out).

First, his new tricks and discoveries:

Playing peek-a-boo. He’ll initiate a game of peek-a-bo0 with us by hiding under a blanket, behind something, etc and then pop out and say, “Doo!” It almost kills me it’s so adorable. In this instance, he was peeking around the couch at me and was so proud of himself.

Crawling. David was a really late crawler. He developed quickly socially with waving and other expressions, but didn’t crawl for a long time. Then, finally he started scooting with his arms and toes, and then doing an army/caterpillar crawl, then he would move around walking with his legs but with his hands still on the ground, and then finally traditional crawling.








Walking & standing. David can stand by himself (when he wants too) and easily walks along walls and furniture. This means that he’s made a lot of new discoveries: he can find Mom whenever he wants to, the toilet has water in it, the toilet lid makes a loud noise when you close it, the toilet flushes, the toilet paper unrolls … you get the idea. He’s also figured out which doors lead outside and will sit by the front door and wave bye-bye at me when he wants to leave (or when he’s waiting for us to return), or stand at the back sliding door and pound and holler at the people outside.













He’s also discovered that the dishwasher has dishes and silverware in it.













He likes to stand by the bookcase and “read” his books.


And stand in front of the TV in his jammies and direct the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during Music and the Spoken Word Sunday mornings. Because of his active church attendance, he’s learned that when people sing they need a director/chorister, and when we pray we fold our arms — he holds his hands together during prayers, it’s so sweet, and he does it all on his own with no prompting from us. He doesn’t make it through the whole prayer, but it’s progress.








Okay, I think that’s it for now. My laptop is cooking my legs and I’m sleepy.