Oops, I fell behind

I may have missed David’s ten and eleven-month updates. Not that anyone probably cares at this point, but I’ll do them just because I did all the others.

Ten months:

  • doing the army/caterpillar “crawl” (it’s between crawling and scooting)
  • his FIRST WORD: “uh-oh”! (!!!)
  • lots and lots of other baby babble
  • fine-tuned waving and other expressions (like turning his palms up when saying uh-oh or to show all gone)
  • walking when you hold his hands and timidly along furniture
  • pointing at EVERYTHING
  • clapping when we clap, when we say “yay,” and when he hears cheering on TV
  • standing and turning around in his high chair
  • bonking his head into other heads (this was an accidental trick: we say “bonk” when he bumps his head into stuff, and now he thinks it’s funny so when we say “bonk,” he’ll intentionally lean his head into ours and smile)

Eleven months:

  • FINALLY crawling (now he’s cruising around)
  • standing alone
  • walking along anything he can lean against for balance (walls, furniture, cupboards, my legs, the ladies’ knees at church)
  • his first real owie (banging his head on the floor and biting his lip pretty bad, covering both of us in blood right before church last Sunday)
  • doing the sign for “more”
  • giving big, wet open mouth kisses
  • making kissy sounds
  • sticking out his tongue on command (a Daddy-taught trick)
  • dancing (he started dancing without any help or encouragement from us, it’s darling)
  • folding his arms during prayers (for at least the beginning)
  • carrying his hairbrush everywhere (once he has it in his hands, he won’t put it down all day; it’s really funny)
  • mimicking sounds, really well
  • growling at pretty much everything, but especially his food

Just this morning: blowing kisses!

We’re binky free! Since David wasn’t dependent on it and I didn’t want him to become dependent on it after I was done weaning him, I just took them all away. It hasn’t really been missed (only at nap time, by me).

Weaning him has been easy-peasy, he really does most of the work. I’ve been cutting out one feeding a week and slowly shortening the others (while increasing sippy-cup use and adding more solid foods). Yesterday we did only two feedings, and he did well and slept great. While I will miss our mommy-baby cuddle/bonding time, I’m ready for some FREEDOM. David never took a bottle, so it’s been all me for the last eleven months, and sometimes it’s gotten a bit stressful and exhausting.

He’s also been sleeping like an angel.

[There's a picture that's supposed to go here, but I ran some updates on my blog yesterday and things are not working the way they should. Just imagine David sleeping really cutely.]

  • Cami

    Thanks for keeping me updated on your life and family! I know I don’t usually comment but I do check your blog for updates minimally once a week. I can tell how much you love your life and family through your blogs and it’s so wonderful to be able to tell you’re so happy. You are such a wonderful person and mother and I can’t wait to FINALLY meet that handsome son of yours at one time or another :) Take care Miss Ashely. Love ya!
    -Love, Cami