time to welcome new additions

No, not babies.

Meet Mungo and Astrid, our goldfish. (Their pictures are separate because they don’t like to be on the same side of the bowl at the same time, hopefully they haven’t already had their first domestic dispute.)








They are a result of what happens when David and I spend too much at Walmart by the fish tanks. David loves looking at the fish and seems to like having some at home too.

Less than an hour after bringing our fishies home, I came back from a QUICK bathroom break to find David eating goldfish food. He had pulled the tablecloth on our table until the food container came down (and everything else) and dumped the contents.

Unfortunately, when we woke up this morning we discovered that Astrid had already met her demise. Good thing Walmart has a 72-hour death warranty on their fish.

Meet our second Astrid.

Second Astrid and Mungo seem to like each much more because they are almost always on the same side of the bowl. We’ll see how long they last.

  • Emily

    Yay! I was scared for a second that David was eating THE goldfish… phew! ;)

  • Cami

    I was afraid David was eating the fish too! I’m so glad it was only for the fish food!! And thank goodness for the death warrenty, although, I never wouldve thought to see if they have one :)