some me-ness

I realize that most of my posts are 99% about baby (with a baby like that, can you blame me?), and since my narcissism hasn’t completely taken over yet: a post about me, not baby.

Ten things most people don’t know about me:

  1. I like to draw. I’m completely untalented in this area which is why I don’t tell/show people. It’s just something I like to do.
  2. I bite my nails. It’s my most hated habit.
  3. I like to sing and dance. Ditto to number one.
  4. I regularly have bad dreams. Usually about death (never me, usually someone else I love dearly). I consider myself an extremely happy person, but I have dying dreams. Matt has superhero action dreams, I wish I had those.
  5. [I have nothing.]

Okay, so that was only four things most people don’t know about me, and they took me almost half an hour to come up with. I realize that I could just go and edit it to say, “Four things most people don’t know about me” and be done with it, but I’m not.

My thing about happiness:

I’m an incredibly to-the-core happy person. I always have been. I think if a surgeon opened me up he’d find smiley faces on all my organs. I’ve had unhappy moments, sure, but I’m categorized as a happy person. I think it’s one of those natural characteristics I was born with. No matter what my life circumstances could have been, I would still be a happy person. How can you be born with happiness? you ask. Let me share.

Happiness isn’t a reality we live in, it’s something we are.

I think that people go about being happy all wrong. People assign happiness to events, accomplishments, and future hopes and dreams. While all those things bring us happy feelings, they aren’t themselves “happiness.” People don’t think they can be happy unless there is nothing unpleasant in their lives, it’s simply never going to happen. Happiness is a frame of mind. We want external things to happen and then we will be happy, only we won’t. Happy happens inside, not out.

And that’s all the philosophy I have for now, folks.

  • Cami

    It’s true Ashley, you are thee most happy person I know. I love how you explain what happiness is. I agree that certain ‘events’ are not what makes us happy or turns us into happy people. I love and miss you. Your smile is contaigious and your attitude infectious. I miss being around that! Hope you have a wonderful October!