oh, by the way world

There’s now one more person walking around.

No more babies around here because David WALKS!

He’ll just get in a walking mood and walk from our couch to the TV stand or over to the shoe basket or follow me into the kitchen. He’s really proud of himself too. Tonight he was walking from me to Matt and back again, and he thought it would be so funny to start walking toward one of us like he was coming over and then at the last minute he’d turn and walk in a different direction. He’s pretty cute that way.

He walks with his arms up in the air, like a little monkey. Basically, the most adorable TODDLER ever (he’s a toddler since he toddles, I guess … so weird).

I know, I know you want pictures. We have them, but the necessary equipment to get them to the blog is in David’s room. Where he’s sleeping … So, I promise to post some soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and wrap my head around David being able to walk.