happy halloween!

Last Halloween we dressed up as the tired parents of a two-week-old baby (ourselves). So we really felt like we needed to step it up a little bit this Halloween.

We dressed up as Rock, Paper, Scissors. David was a rock (we just dressed him in all grey and called it good), Matt was paper (dressed in a men’s 2XXL shirt with lines on it and a piece of poster-board underneath), and I was scissors (I wore giant pair of cardboard and duck tape scissors I made this morning). Our costume was a huge hit at the Halloween party we went to, and everyone got to sign Matt’s “paper.” I think I’m pretty clever.

A week or so ago I carved a monogrammed pumpkin — I’m more into classy Halloween than scary. I am pretty proud (very, very proud) of our pumpkin family. I think I may have done too well though, because most of the people who comment on it ask if I bought it. I didn’t.


I printed off a LARGE letter N and taped it to the pumpkin. Then I took a needle and outlined the letter with little holes.

I took a knife and connected my needle marks and then used a carving tool from Matt’s ceramics class a few years ago and carved just the first few layers of the pumpkin. I didn’t hollow-out our pumpkin because our complex has bright outdoor lights by every apartment, so it wouldn’t do much good to put a light inside the pumpkin, but it would look very nice with light glowing behind the letter. I got the idea from Martha Stewart a few years ago, but didn’t have the chance to do it until this Halloween. Sometimes I just open our door to look at how nice and friendly our front step looks (and to admire my domesticity).

I also made a fall wreath with an old burlap potato bag, cattails from someone’s yard, some wheat, and berries I stole from someone else’s yard. For being free looks pretty friendly too, I just haven’t taken a good picture of it yet.

Oh, and this is David in a Halloween onesie walking around with his potato.


David likes to go into our pantry and pull potatoes out of the bag and take bites out of them, like apples. By the way, I promise that I do put pants on my baby, he just likes to take them off (and yes, he’s only wearing only one sock).

Notice how he walks with his arms in the air. So cute.


  • Emily

    Awesome. Wish we could visit your warm porch. :)