I just might cry

I’m gushing, absolutely gushing.

This Saturday Lois Lowry is coming to campus to be the keynote speaker in our annual Literature Conference. My heart beats a little faster as I type this. Registration is $30 for students; $30 to spend a day and listen to one of my favorite authors of all time. I usually don’t get all caught up in pestering authors to sign books and such, it seems almost juvenile, but I’m having Lois Lowry sign my book. She’s in her 70s, I may not get the chance again. I want to shake the hand of a master of language and literature.

It gets better.

I received an email inviting me, as an English major, to a private reading tomorrow night with Lois Lowry. I couldn’t be happier. A bonus hour and a half with this incredible writer just because I chose to be an English major.

It gets even better.

I’ve been invited to attend a class that she will teach tomorrow. It’s not even open to all English majors, it’s just a class and I’m going. I don’t know what she’s planning to teach, but it’ll be brilliant.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting one of my heroes.