tisk, tisk

I didn’t write a single post the whole month of November. I’m sorry (I’m apologizing to my disappointed self). I don’t know where the time went, but life kind of happened and kept me elsewhere (and probably some laziness crept in too, if I’m being completely honest).

Our Thanksgiving holiday was great: we saw family, ate the BEST food, took a break from the day-to-day, and David actually warmed up to people and left my side — for a whole week (it was so freeing).

David has changed so, so much since his first birthday. It’s like he turned one and became a toddler overnight.

Toddler updates:

  • He’s now a very proficient walker (and sometimes runs and walks backward).
  • In addition to Momma, Dad (his favorite), and uh-oh, he’s added hey, car (second favorite), wow/whoa (CUTEST ever), and dog to his vocabulary. I feel like there are more that I can’t think of right now …
  • He is now aware of when he is being silly, and will be silly to get a reaction from us. It’s cuter than anything you’ve ever seen, I can promise. My favorite thing he does is his cheesy laugh; if we’re laughing at something and he doesn’t know what, he’ll do a  pretend laugh and lean forward and slap his knee or the floor. In short: he’s hilarious.
  • He has also started to be a little rebellious. Darn it. So far, it’s mostly when he knows I’m trying to get him to come to me for a diaper change–he runs away and giggles, wanting to be chased and caught.
  • His ability to communicate has just blown me away. Not only is he adding new words every week, but his capacity to understand simple commands also increases daily. I can ask him to do just about any simple task (pick up toys, throw something away, don’t touch that, etc) and he understands and responds appropriately. My favorite is that I have him trained to bring me my phone when it lights up, that and throwing things away in the trash can.
  • He’s not quite as stranger aware and shy. He’s still pretty shy, but he warms up to people after a little while and will play and talk to them (mostly “doddle loddle loddle” he loves D and L). I think walking was a big part in his independence: he knows he can just walk back to me when he wants to (or doesn’t want to, as church has proved).

There are so many other small, cute things I could bore you with. He has such a funny, quirky personality that comes out more every day. Not only is he silly, but he is so interested in “helping” me and figuring out how things work; he likes to bend closer to knobs and buttons and examine them.

Basically, I’m loving life with a toddler. I would update everyone on life other than David, but he kind of rules my day, so … he is my life. And it’s a pretty good life.

  • Ericaledesma

    A toddler…what?  That is so exciting…and wrong at the same time.  Wish we could see you guys this holiday.  I guess Face Time will have to do!

  • Cami and family!

    Where has that time go? Walking and talking? How exciting!! I sure hope you and your darling family have a wonderful Christmas!!