dear dinner genie,

What should I make for dinner tonight?

This is what I have:


Okay, okay we have milk, cheese (I think), turkey lunch meat, two eggs, bread, a scrape of sour cream, and various canned and frozen goods. And a ton of peanut butter, can’t forget that.

I made spaghetti last night, so we can’t do that again (mostly because I used all the pasta). Pancakes are out too, we’ve made those a lot since we’ve been home (by “we” I really mean Matt, thanks for breakfast Matt).

I went to the store yesterday, but left after an hour with only milk, bread, toilet paper, and toothpaste (what I needed to survive) because 10,000 students, parents, and siblings were clearing the store after moving in for a new semester.

I do have one dinner in the freezer that I made for a “rainy day.” I can’t decide if my situation is dire enough to use it or if I should continue to save it; there might be a really bad day yet to come and I’ll wish I had dinner in the freezer.

I tried to look up a recipe on the Martha Stewart website, but spent a half hour browsing sewing projects instead (darn it, domestic Martha). And why do her recipes call for ingredients I’v never heard of?

Fine, I’ll do it myself.


  • Cami

    I have a go to, super easy stroganoff dinner I use when we get low on motivation. Got to love dinner time. Tell us how California was!

  • Ericaledesma

    Ashley…you crack me up!